• Lost - A Novel

    Lost – A Novel. Free Giveaway

    Then, the chatter stopped, and all heads turned to face the far end of the walk. Down the aisle she came. The bride, Christy was a beautiful young woman. She […]

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  • Lost - A Novel


    Hi There! Have you read Lost – A Novel? It’s captivating, intriguing and full of suspense. Lost would be free to DOWNLOAD and read on Amazon from the Wednesday, 24th of June till […]

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  • I'm getting paid

    I’m Getting Paid

    Many of us always look forward to the pay check at the end of every working month. We can’t wait to get paid for the hard work we have put […]

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    The Final Battle

    (Continuation of The Escape! You will need to read The Escape to understand this part)   10 years later.   Chapter One   Seth and his family had settled well […]

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  • Happy New MOnth - May

    Happy New Month – May

    Happy New Month Folks, May this month be of answered prayers, and sufficient grace for us in Jesus name.

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    The Escape

    Chapter One   Seth Evans watched the prosecution closely as he questioned the witness. He had studied the case for several months and knew every witness by name. Cecil Brooke, […]

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  • Presentation2

    Hear my Prayer

    At many point in our lives, all we want is answers to our prayers. Days when our heart is racing so fast; we become anxious and afraid of not knowing […]

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  • We will lay down and sleep, yet

    Sweet Dreams

    We will lay down and sleep, yet we will wake up in safety, for the LORD is watching over us. Good Night Dear Friends #CirclesOfLove

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  • The 'M' Word - Marriage, His

    The ‘M’ Word – Marriage, His way.

    Good Morning Folks, I trust you are good. This morning, I would like to write on a topic I have been pondering on for several days now. The sound of […]

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  • image

    The Right Stuff

    A few days ago, I wrote about ‘go and occupy’. The article talked about how the Lord promised to give us the land, and he asked us to take possession […]

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  • file-page1 (2)

    Go and Occupy

    A young graduate secured a job in a multi-million dollars company; a well paid job with great opportunity. He was overwhelmed by this position as it was beyond his own […]

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  • 2015 year

    It’s 2015! Happy New Year

    We are here! This is the year the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Happy New Year Folks. I welcome you to the year 2015. […]

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  • support

    Thank you for your Continued Support

    Thank you to all our readers and fans for your continued support all through this year. Thank you for reading my stories, articles, visiting website, for your encouraging messages and […]

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  • thanksful


    This morning, while we were having our family devotion, I thought I had mis -heard when my husband thanked the Lord for the perfume we used, but I later heard […]

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  • christmas 1

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all Folks. Thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers throughout this year. Wishing you a great Christmas; may the Love of God fill our […]

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  • page-0

    Love never Fails

    Chapter One It was a cold and an uninviting night, but she knew she had to get their dinner out from there. She couldn’t see the far end of the […]

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  • season greetings to you

    Seasons to Greetings

    Seasons greetings to you all! Jesus is the reason for Christmas.

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  • royal prisoner

    A Royal Prisoner

      The violent banging on the door jolts Ben from his sleep. He sat up quickly wondering if it was a dream. Then, he hears the screaming from his mother’s […]

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  • sad woman 1

    Look at me (A short story)

    I grew up with my parents and two siblings, a boy and girl. I happen to be the middle child, a girl. Right from a young age, I had always […]

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  • silence in rel

    Insight 4u – Silent Treatment in a Relationship

    Insight 4u – Circles of love. Often men and women who issue the Silent Treatment know it hurts their partners – and that’s part of why they do it. They […]

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