Praying for your Wife Week – Day 5

Praying for your Wife Week – Day 5

Pray for her Sexuality.

I’m sure, there are some eyebrows raised at this prayer point. How can I pray for my wife’s sexuality, you asked?

Alright, let me share something I read from a book with you.

There’s a reason that sexuality doesn’t rank as high on a woman’s list as it does on a man’s, and I believe it’s because sexuality is a very complex issue for a woman. It is extremely hard for her to separate herself from emotions memories, thoughts, and experiences and just be strictly physical. She doesn’t seek to gratify only a physical need, there’s an emotional one as well. Your wife’s sexually is wrapped up in two things: how she feels about herself, and how she feels about you.

The way a woman feels about herself has a lot to do with how she has been treated by men throughout her life. If she has been abused, ignored, demeaned, disrespected, violated, or simply not valued, she will not value herself. Even if it was not her husband who perpetrated this cruelty, the fact that she endured it will cause her to have a hard time responding to him. As unfair as that may seem, if a woman doesn’t feel attractive or sexy, it’s difficult for her to act like she is.

The way your wife feels about you if she is angry, unforgiving, disappointed, wounded, or bitter will immensely affect her desire for intimacy. For a woman, sex comes out of affection. She has no desire to be affectionate with a man who makes her feel hurt and neglected. Though it’s possible for a man to perform sexually without feeling emotionally involved, it’s not that way with a woman.

Trust is also a huge factor in a successful sexual relationship. Your wife must be able to trust you. She can tolerate mistakes in other areas is she knows you are truthful. If either of you has violated the other’s trust, pray for complete repentance, forgiveness, and healing. A woman never fully gives her body, mind and emotions to a man she doesn’t trust.

If there has been sexual infidelity in your marriage, you need to prayer to God for the power of forgiveness and restoration. According to the scriptures, a husband and wife cannot rightfully withhold their bodies from on another, but at the same time, they have to be sensitive to each other’s needs and condition. If one of them is ill or in pain, this should be considered and respected.

Sex needs to be a priority in a marriage. Men already know that. Women don’t always see it that way. For too often a man does not understand how great her husband’s need for sex actually is. That’s why it’s good for you as her husband to pray that your wife wil gain a clear understanding of this and give you physical intimacy you need. And you don’t have to feel you are being selfish in doing that. You are not. You are watching over and spiritually covering a vital part of your marriage that, if neglected, could lead to your marriage’s destruction. You cant leave this highly important aspect of your relationship to chance.

Pray that your wife will understand the area of sex in your marriage that your sexual relationship will be fulfilling for both of you. You will be unselfish to one another. Romance will stay in your marriage, there will be great affection and desire between you. – Source The power of a praying husband by Stormie Omartian.

God bless you Folks.

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Praying for your Wife Week – Day 4

Praying for your Wife week – Day 4

Have you prayed for your wife today?

Pray for her Spirit

Your wife is like an automobile. She may be high maintenance like an Italian sports car. She might be as refined and expensive as a German luxury sedan. She may be solid and sturdy like an SUV, or delicate like a Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance show car. She may be dependable in all kinds of weather like a four wheel drive. Whatever she is, she needs fuel to make her run smoothly.

Your wife’s spirit is the gas in her car. She may have the greatest chassis, a find interior, fabulous sleek lines, an engine that purrs like a kitten, a wonderful back seats, a roomy trunk, a beautiful nose, and all that standard accessories, but it she doesn’t have fuel, then she’s not going to run. Her exterior will still look good, but her power supply will be diminished. And not only must her tank be full, but her battery needs to be charged, her oil kept clean, her brake fluid replenished, and yes, she must have a good supply of antifreeze for those cold nights.

Without the daily infilling of the Holy Spirit, we all run on empty. Your wife may be running on empty right now and not even realize it. Many women can get eroded physically, emotionally, and mentally by unrelenting attacks of the enemy and not even be aware of that it’s happening. And that effect of it will carry over into your marriage. Your wife’s relationship with God will affect her relationship with you more than anything else.

Because you are the head of the home and have been give authority over ‘all the power of the enemy’ Luke 10:19, you can inform him that he cannot lie to your wife or twist the truth of God in her mind.

Another good reason to pray for your wife’s spiritual walk is that it is far better if both of you are putting your expectations in God, that keeps you from putting all your expectations on each other and becoming disappointed when they are not met.[1]

Please pray for her today. God bless.

[1] The power of a praying husband. Stormie Omartian.


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Praying for your Wife Week – Day 3

Have you prayed for your wife today?

It’s praying for your wife week – Day 3.

Many of our men usually pray for their wives, while some don’t even know how to begin to pray for their wives. ‘Where do I start from?’ A husband asked. In their many years of marriage, he did never prayed for her. Some however can’t let go of the hurt and resentment towards their wives. Yes, men do get hurt too.

That is why you should pray. Prayer is the only key to unlock a burden heart. It is not chanting, but a communication with the Father. Ask him to teach you how to pray for her; you can’t change your wife but God can. When you pray for her, you will see God at work in her life; your marriage is covered because you have a Father who will direct and give wisdom to you.

Please pray for her today, she needs it.

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Praying for your Wife Week – Day 2

It’s still praying for your wife week – Day 2.

Let’s face it, men, by the time we marry we bring many years of experiences, habits, personality traits, memories, preconceived notions, and personal ambitions with us into marriage. Suddenly, we are joined for a lifetime, with a mate who has also brought many years of experience, habits, personality traits, memories, preconceived notions, and personal ambitions into the marriage with her. W e are faced with the need to communicate, compromise, submit to one another, and be unselfish. A tall order, to be sure. Either God has a tremendous sense of humour, or a desire to keep us continually growing. Probably both.

God intends each of our marriage to be a way for us to be totally fulfilled, but we have to live as an example of Christ’s love for us. That’s why a man’s communication with his wife is dependent upon his communication with the Father. Praying specifically for our wives is a powerful thing. God is always listening. He considers every word.

Are there things about our wives we would like to see changed? Praying for those changes incited God to do great things in our lives. Without prayer the success of our marriage depends on our own wisdom and effort. But what a resource for success awaits when we pray! We see not only answers to our prayers for our wives, but things happen in us as well.[1]

[1] Michael Omartian. The Power of a Praying Husband.

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Praying for your Wife Week – Day 1

Hello fathers, husbands, uncles and brothers. Yes, this post is specially for you.

As you know, Circles of love focuses on family unity; building strong marriages, relationships and growing in God. So we would be starting a challenge this week, and we humbly ask that you start and lead us this week.

It’s going to be exciting, fulfilling and of great reward. I promise you it’s very easy……

It’s praying for your wife week – 7 DAYS CHALLENGE.

I believe that prayer is a vital part of a successful marriage. As a Christian husband, you want the best for your wife. You know your wife needs your prayer support in dealing with stresses of life, the temptations of this world and attacks of the enemy. Pray for her faith, for her visions and dreams. Pray that she grows continually in the Lord, pray for her health and everything that concerns her.

This is a challenge you will be doing for a week, starting from today.

You will go to your wife, hold her close and bless her. From your heart, you will call out the promises of God into her life. This will be done in their presence, and if you are away from home, you can call and do this.

You can do in the morning when you both wake up, or choose a time that is convenient for you. However, because it’s mid morning and some of us are already away from home; if you call them on the phone, or when you see later in the evening. It will only take few minutes, and the Lord will do wonders in your marriages and homes in Jesus name.

There is power in declaration, so declare and degree into their lives.

I encourage you to this, because I know of a truth that God answers prayers and you will see the manifestation before the end of this challenge in Jesus name. Amen.

So that we can know who is with us in this challenge, kindly just sign up Here by typing ‘I will pray for my wife ‘.

God bless you.

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