Finding Love – Excerpt from the Circles of Love Magazine

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Mariam was about going downstairs when she heard voices down the hallway; it was his mother shouting angrily and Daniel also raising his voice at her. Curiosity made her move few steps towards the door and then heard some of the things they were saying.

“You had no right Daniel, you had no right.” His mother shouted angrily.

“Mom, this is my life and I can choose to live it whichever way I want.” Daniel shouted back.

“I sure didn’t raise a callous man like you; did London turn you into this or is it the Muslim girl you suddenly brought home who has turned you this way?”

“For the tenth time mom, she is not a Muslim. Mariam is a Christian and a born again Christian for that matter.” He countered.

“So why is she called Mariam Idris?” she said out of spite.

“That is her name and that does not define her religion. She is a Christian and from a Christian family; yes she is from the northern part but even if she is a Muslim, I love her and have made my decision.” He blurted out.

“You dare not Daniel Muyiwa Badmus.” She shouted back at him. “What about your poor wife, the woman who had waited all these years for you to come back home, where would you put her?”

Mariam felt her heart sunk. “Wife!” she shuddered. She definitely knew nothing about any wife.

“She is not my wife!” his voice jolted her. “For God’s sake mom, I just got back and instead of you to be happy, we are here shouting at each other.” He spoke out of tiredness. “Aren’t you happy I’m home?”

Then, there was silence in the room.

“I am happy you are home, but not happy about the trash you brought in here.” She spoke out angrily.

Mariam felt her heart skipped a beat. His mother had just called her a trash. Suddenly, she felt the tears bunching in her eyes. This wasn’t what she had expected, in fact, she had no idea what was going on. Before she could pull herself together, the door opened and her eyes locked with Daniel. Suddenly, the tears rolled down her cheeks, she stared at him for several seconds and turned to go when she noticed the other lady who probably had been standing behind her for a while, also drenched in tears.

Then it started to make sense. The lady was probably the wife his mother was referring to, and that was their son she was holding in the picture. Mariam looked from the lady back to Daniel and turned away quickly into the room.


This is an excerpt from the third edition of our magazine. Please order your copy here or go to our E-Magazine section to read the full story and other inspirational stories. Please note that you can order your copy from any part of the world.

God Bless.


Finding Love – Excerpt from the Circles of Love Magazine

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