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A young graduate secured a job in a multi-million dollars company; a well paid job with great opportunity. He was overwhelmed by this position as it was beyond his own imagination. He was ready to work hard and not lack in any of his duties. Within days of his employment, he realised that some of his colleagues were not too pleased with him; he had been given a position above them and some thought he wasn’t up to their own standard and didn’t have the qualification, experience or even background status fit for the position. Day after day, he became depressed by their attitude and couldn’t understand why they would not give him the chance or even get to know him better before judging him. All he wanted is to prove himself, but the scorn and discord from them became agonizing.

Does this sound similar?

You strive for a position, work hard to get to a place; you just want a chance in life, a chance to be your own person, a chance to be free. Looking at every side; it seems difficult to achieve. You get to a land or a country and all you want is a chance, a chance to make a living and achieve your dreams, a chance to put food on the table for your family, a chance to be somebody but everything seems so difficult and frustrating. You try to secure a job, despite your qualification, experience and hard work; still, no one wants to give you a chance. You know you can do that job better and succeed excellently in that department but no one will give it to you. You are in a position already and they are making life miserable for you, some would even tell you not to get too comfortable as your days are numbered in that position. So many discords can make a journey frustrating

Listen, I have a word for you today. ‘Take possession of the land and settle in it for I have given you the land to possess’- Numbers 33: 53. Did you get that? Take possession of that job, take possession of that land, take possession of that project, take possession of that business, whatever it is, go and possess it. Did you notice that the Lord wasn’t just telling them to ‘take possession’ which is visible power or control over something; he was telling them to ‘Settle in it’ – To put firmly into a desired position or place. Whoa! Did you hear what the Lord is telling you? Don’t just take possession, settle in it, enlarge your coast, take a firm ground, and establish yourself in that land. You know, the land wasn’t for the Israelites in the first place, it wasn’t their place of birth but the Lord gave it to them anyway.

Now listen, where you are now doesn’t have to be your place of birth, but the Lord is giving it to you, maybe you were just passing by but decided to stay, the Lord is still giving it to you. Maybe you were just an interim in that job, even though it’s a job you so much desired but fear you might not be retained, the Lord is giving it to you. Maybe you just went for a few weeks training in that place of work, the Lord is giving it to you. He has given you to settle in, go take possession, enlarge your tent, make progress, have children in that land, build a business, take possession and settle in it.

The Lord has changed your status from ‘visiting’ to ‘resident permit – unlimited leave to remain’. My oh my! I am so excited about this message and I know the Lord is speaking to someone this morning. Stop living like a stranger in that land, stop living like a visitor, live like a heir of the kingdom, Your heavenly father owns the land, ‘the earth is the Lord and the fullest thereof’ – Psalm 24:1. The Lord owns everything in it and he has chosen to give you that land, that place you are now, your home, your marriage; don’t let anyone intimidate you. Don’t let them tell you, you don’t deserve it.

I found an amazing scripture over the night, it’s in Deut 6: 10 ‘When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you—a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, 11 houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant—then you eat and are satisfied,’ Isn’t that amazing? The Lord is giving you a finished product. Houses you did not build, good things you did not provide; He is giving you a finished and great product, who are you to doubt him?

Folks, the Lord is doing wonders in our lives and does not need permission from any head of state or royals or CEO or even head of organizations before he established and blesses you. Isn’t He great? Go and occupy Folks, take possession and settle in it. Don’t think it’s too much, ‘What would people say about me, won’t they call me all sort of names, ‘gold digger’, thief or whatever’. Please, don’t limit the greatness of God in your life, when they question you about the goodness of God in your life, tell them to go ask God. He is God and answers to no man and He does what pleases him and what He has done today is that ‘He’s given you the Land, go take possession and settle in it’.

Have a fulfilled day.

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