Insight 4u – His Reputation

Insight4u - Reputation

Who is your husband?

You are his helper, so don’t turn him to a door mat; you have not only trampled on him but allowed others do the same – especially with your words. Some have resentment towards their husbands- maybe something they did in the past or doing to them, so they lash out their anger by speaking badly about them in public. Words are powerful, be careful what you say to that man. A virtuous woman has a husband who is respected. ‘He is known in the gates, when he sits amongst elders of the land’. – Proverbs 31:23.

Build His Reputation. You know those things you can do to ruin your husband’s reputation, right? (like talking bad about him behind his back or acting like you expect him to be thoughtless or lazy) Well, there are things that you can also do to build his reputation. How you act toward him says a lot to others. What you say about him in his presence and behind him, what you expect of him also speaks loudly.

Most men prefer to be admired to being loved. If you doubt this tell your husband that you love him and study his reaction. Then after prayerful consideration, think of something you admire about him. Say to him, ‘There is something about you that I truly admire’. Watch his attentiveness. You will be amazed at how powerful words of admiration are to your husband. Would you consider saying to your husband tonight, ‘There is something about you I truly admire’. Then share it with him. Lay your discomfort aside. Swallow your pride if you need to. Ask God for a spirit of humility and sincerity. Then step out in faith and tell your husband you admire him. You can do it! And God will bless you in your efforts. (From the book The Politically Incorrect Wife by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby)

If you find it hard to come up with ways to encourage your husband, saying thanks is a great place to start. If things are rocky just now and you don’t feel particularly thankful for your husband (believe me, this happens!), start small.

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