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Lost - A Novel

Then, the chatter stopped, and all heads turned to face the far end of the walk. Down the aisle she came. The bride, Christy was a beautiful young woman. She wore an off-white gown, with embroidery on her bodice; her hair tied in a knot with a lace around it. She walked slowly, her face was bowed, void of any smile or expression. Her dad, Mr. Harrington held her left arm, and smiled at her as they reached the bottom step. She didn’t smile back, but nodded her head. There awaiting her was the minister, and her husband –to-be, Levi Brentwood. He was standing tall, his young face was firm. The rough, soiled farm cloth he usually wore was replaced with a clean suit, which seems a little bigger than him.


Kathy Barnes felt her stomach churned in a knot. A feeling of fear, and uncertainty filled her; she could relate to the reluctance of the bride. She was only three years younger than her, and already on her way to be married. She did heard rumours that Christy had attempted to run away with her boyfriend a few days ago, but was caught in the process of leaving town. The boy had been shut out of the community for aiding this escape, and being a bad influence to her. Christy would also had received severe punishment if not because her father, Mr. Harrington was one of the top elders of the Church. Kathy thought this marriage was enough punishment for her, being forced to marry someone she’d despised and hated all her life. The bride and groom had been rivals since they were children, would always fight at everything, and even sworn never to speak to one another again. This was no news in the community, and to their parents. But because of the fathers reputation in the Church, and the promised they made to one another several years ago that their children would be joined in marriage; they decided to bring this promise to light, regardless of how they felt about each other.


Kathy couldn’t help but noticed some of the haunting eyes of the women glaring mischievously at her. She could imagine the thought going on in their heart; they did said the reason why she wasn’t married was her lack of good manners, and her wild fantasy. They were laughing at her with their eyes, which she had seen so many times. They had often told her she would end up being alone all her life. Kathy often reminded herself that she was only seventeen years of age, and no matter how they felt about her, she was a young woman, and would never rush into the most important part of her life like that – marriage. Especially not with someone she wasn’t in love with.


It wasn’t that no man had approached her; but she had rejected about six marriage proposals in the last two years. She couldn’t find any of the farm boys or hunters attractive enough to say ‘I do’ to. One of the men, Steven was sitting to her left; he had eyed her when she walked into the ceremony few minutes ago. He was the last who had asked her hand in marriage, and went nut when she refused him. He was tall enough for her, strong and manly, but she couldn’t feel any butterflies in her stomach when he asked her. That was what Karen Coleridge wrote about in the novel,’ Love, but Sour’. Louis, the female character was a beautiful young woman who wanted nothing but love in her life. She wanted the right man who would sweep her off her feet. Everyone had told her such man didn’t exist but she believed otherwise, and decided to travel around the world to find her prince charming.



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