Love never Fails


Chapter One

It was a cold and an uninviting night, but she knew she had to get their dinner out from there. She couldn’t see the far end of the alleyway because it had been blocked by two large wheelie bins by the owners of the Chio Chinese Restaurant. This was done months ago to stop the thieves and illegal sales of goods from there, which had affected their business for so long.  After so many years of struggling with the stigma and offences associated to the alleyway, it was finally deserted. Now, it’s dark, smelt of stale urine and things scuttled underfoot as you carefully trod its length. The walls ran with slime which covered the now long forgotten graffiti brickwork. No one like the alley. No one used the alley except the desperate and hungry, like Karen Burke. The wheelie bins behind Chinese restaurant was the perfect place to get leftover food to feed anyone who was brave enough to walk the alleyway.

Smoke bust through the air extractor from the back of the kitchen window; bringing warm sensation to her face. The light bulb at the back door was flickering, it looked like it was about to go off. It was a cold winter evening; flakes of snow drifted down lazily. It was always beautiful when it snowed in December. It brought out the Christmas magic to everyone, the pile of snow in the garden, children making snow men, and enjoying the excitement and the joy of Christmas. But this wasn’t so for Karen, the cold weather was rough on those without homes, or a safe place to keep warm.

Karen found a carrier bag on the floor; she opened it quickly but there was nothing in it. Then, she went on to climb the crate on the floor to help reach into the wheelie bin. There was definitely something in here; different kinds of food: rice, noodles, vegetables, even some salad. The cold weather had been kind enough to have preserved it from getting spoilt. She reached her hands into the bin, and helped herself to some noodles. There was also foil covered plates, with half eaten rice in it.  It smelt alright, so she added it to the bag in her hand. A rattle behind startled her; she scanned the thin darkness to see what it was, then a rat emerged with a half eaten fries  in it’s mouth and ran passed her. She inhaled deeply, and went back to her search. Like her, the rat also needed dinner. A whimper of exhaustion escaped through her chaffed lips; she shivered from the wind that entwined around her body. Suddenly, the back door opened. She jolted and looked up to find a man coming out. He was carrying a box filled with recycled bottles in it. Quickly, she got down from the crate and started to run.


“Get out of here.” The middle aged Chinese man shouted after her.

Karen looked back to be sure he was not following her.

“Don’t you come back here again.” He took one of the bottles and threw it in her direction.

Karen screamed. She dropped the bag on the floor and shivered in fear. She looked back to see the bottles had missed her.

“I’m going to put some rat poison into every food I put in the bin,” he yelled. “Bad people, bad for business.” He wiped his dirty hands down his face. Then he added the box with the crate of recycles and went back inside.


Karen picked up the bag and started to walk away. She knew he couldn’t come after her. This wasn’t the first time she had invaded the Chinese restaurant’s bin, and got yelled at for it. In fact, she had been there in the last year so many times that she  had lost count. It was the perfect place to get good food for a homeless person. She had often wondered why the staff in the restaurant always ranted at her. She was only after the food they had thrown away, not invading their kitchen. She looked inside the bag, and sighed in relief. This was enough for their dinner; she had promised Jo some Chinese takeout for dinner, and he was going to get just that. She was going to make some fire to warm the food. With that, she continued to the place she’d called home for several months now.



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