Parents’ Corner

Rules for Parents for their toddlers.

  • Never turn your back to them, they are very fassssst. One minute, they are right there, the next, you will be surprise where you’ll find them.
  • Their eyes can see everything, especially the very tiny things on the floor, and that goes straight to the mouth. 
  • When you realize your kid has been quiet for some time, Beware! Go check on them and you will find the most fascinating thing they are doing. i.e, toilet paper rolled out, paint all over the floor, laundry out, face painted, and trust me, those lists are the nice ones.
  • When looking for your keys, forget the drawers or on the table : check the bin, toilet, toy box, pampers,  you might be lucky it’s still there. 
  •  Once your baby finds their way into your kitchen, it becomes their favourite place to hang out. Lol. Helping hands they are.
  • The stair case – Don’t underestimate them. They do have their own tricks. Your child’s safety gates cannot stop them.
  •  Body cream! Never leave it unattended. It can be yummy or good for spreading.
  •  Your laptops, phones, computers. They lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee those gadgets. Good for chewing, sitting on, drumming, and standing on. P.s, in case you are looking for your phone, kindly check the toilet, or better still, the fridge.


Our precious adorables, they do make our day. Have fun finding out their new tricks. Being a Parent is the best experience in a resume.
P.S. You can never get all the rules, so go find yours. 


Please share and send us some wonderful moments where you tried not to scream and definitely laughed yourself out.
Happy parenting.

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