Rejected, but Rising Up

rejected, but rising up

Have you been rejected, or tossed aside? You know, the very people whom you have great respect for, those you love and call ‘family’ are the VERY people who have rejected you. Maybe they are not totally out of your life, but they have rejected your abilities, your potentials, they have rejected you ever getting up or making it in life. You can’t even make comments or contributions in words in their presence; they think you add no value to them now because of your status or the amount in your bank account. You can’t speak up in family functions or even in the midst of friends. You have been scorned, rejected and disowned by the very people you love.

Psalm 118: 22 says, ‘The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone’.  Did you notice that it said, ‘the builders’? Who better should know about stones than the very builders who used it; the ones you should expect more from, the people that daily make use of these materials, the people that you live with and should know you better. The builders rejected the stone. Is it a loved one who has rejected you? Maybe due to one failure or the other; or a setback in your life or even during the struggles of life? Is it a partner who has looked down on your ability or your potentials? You will be amazed at how some couples, husband or wife has rejected the other party; they can’t seem to see anything good in them.

Is it a wife who has trampled her husband’s reputation on the ground because of his financial situation? She has looked down on him and tossed him aside because of setbacks in life. Those are like the builders. The same people who know the important of a stone in a building work; the same people who know very well the usefulness of it. Those that you value and expect their love, support and encouragement are the same who have rejected you. Is it a husband who has rejected his wife? They have looked down on their potentials and abilities in life? Because you are not like other career women or probably because you are still waiting for children of your own. You feel rejected, you feel trampled and you are discouraged. You have lost you confident and strength in the midst of all these. You have become the stone which the builders have rejected.

The builders- are those you expect much from; the people whose opinion you value and respect. The people who you love and look to them for counsel and comfort. Those are the very ones who have rejected you. Can you imagine how David felt when he was left out when Samuel sought the sons of Jesse to anoint as king? He wasn’t even considered to be present, he was left out. Do you feel like that amongst your family; your presence seems not to be relevant or appreciated? Can you also imagine how Joseph felt when he was sold out to slavery? He was rejected by the builders- the people he called family. But you know what? God remembered. God does not forsake and does not reject you. He said in Psalm 27:10, ‘Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. The Lord will never forsake or reject you; He will not toss you aside, He will not look down on you or think you are worthless.

Imagine how our Lord Jesus Christ felt when He was rejected by the people He came to save. Those that knew the prophesy, the people who have seen the miracles of God; now I’m not talking about unbelievers, I’m talking about those who profess to be called Children of God

This morning, do you feel like the stone that the builders have rejected? You feel you have no one else on your side? Maybe the stone had stayed outside too long; it’s been tossed and kicked around by everyone. You have been bruised and beaten on every side. Families and loved ones have all given up on you, asking how long? The Builders ‘your spouse, your parents, your friends, your colleagues, even your children’ have rejected you. You now feel you are not good enough.

Rejection can cause a lot of turmoil in one’s life, it can make you see things that are not even there about your life. You begin to doubt your own ability; you doubt your strength and see only the weaknesses. You begin to doubt God and his promises over your life. You doubt if you can ever become pregnant, you doubt if you can have children of your own, you doubt if you can find the right partner, you doubt if you can get that job or even promotion in the place of work. You doubt if you can pass that examination; you doubt if you can make it and reach your potentials in life.

Now don’t be discouraged. The story is not over; the stones they rejected became the chief corner stone. It became the head, the mighty, the ruler, the king, the Saviour, the prime Minister, the CEO, the president. The stone became the chief corner stone. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t believe the hateful and discouraging words they have said to you; don’t let those hurtful comments pull your down, don’t begin to live by what they have said about you. Don’t give up on yourself because your story is not finished. The stone became the Cornerstone, the stone made it, the stone became great. The stone rose up. Halleluyah.

Please, believe me this morning when I tell you God has not given up on you; God is not finished with you, God has not forgotten or rejected you. He is still working on your behalf and great wonders would be seen by all soon; the pain, the torment, the agony of rejection, but don’t let that pull you down, don’t let that discourage you; God is still in the business of making greatness out of you. Say to yourself: I am not forgotten, I am not forsaken; I am moving forward, I am going higher, I am rising up. Nothing is going to stop me. I love this slogan and have constantly spoken it into my life, ‘what God is said to do in my life, the devil can’t stop it, he can’t stand it and there is nothing he can do about it’.

Don’t let anything take your joy away; don’t let words and trials of life deprive you of your happiness. I love this song by Ron Kenoly – I still have joy. Please read the wordings, it would encourage you.

I’ve been tested
My faith has been tried
Satan has attempted to destroy my life
He’s robbed, abused, accused and stole
He’s done everything he could do
To conquer my soul

I still have joy
I still have joy
After all I’ve been through
I still have joy

Friends have left me
They’ve questioned my faith
The good I tried to do
Was thrown back in my face
The hurt and the pain brought tears to my eyes
But God has replaced a blessing
For every tear that I’ve cried

I still have joy

I still have joy
After all I’ve been through
I still have joy.

Your joy will be full in Jesus name.

I am rising up!

Have a blessed day.

– Abimbola CirclesOfLove


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  • Hi Abimbola, I have come across some of your write ups on Facebook. I am sure looking forward to the conclusion of My pain my gain. I also write and I wanted to know how you get materials for your blog. Do you do all the writing yourself. Drop me a few lines let’s get talking on the possibility of working together.



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