Standing Tall

Standing tall

Hello folks,

Today I would specially like to encourage someone this morning, yes you. Have you lost something or perhaps some possession dear to you? You did try your best; worked so hard to hold onto that dream or possession, but it somehow slipped out of your hands. You are now at a point where even those close to you, whose opinion you value are now against you. Those that you would expect their encouragement, words of advice or even support are nowhere with you. You feel alone, tired, dejected and dismayed at all these.

Now, let’s take a look at a story of a great man in the bible. His name was David. He and his man had just returned from battle when they discovered their wives and children had all been taken captive by the Amalekites. “David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all the people were embittered, each one because of his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.” 1 Samuel 30: 6.


Did you see that? David was at a point where no one was with him, no one would encourage him and tell him everything would be just fine. His friends were all against him, but the bible said, David, encouraged himself in the Lord. Are you at this point in your life; you feel distraught at the things around you. You are discouraged and dismay at the way your life had become. You have lost treasures; possession that means so much to you.

Listen, my friend now is not the time to sit and cry in sorrow, it is time to arise and strengthen yourself in the Lord. It’s time to take charge, take control of the situation and seek the face of the Lord. It is time to say NO to defeat and YES to victory. Do what David did; He encouraged himself in the Lord. He arose and inquiry of the Lord on what to do, ” And David enquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all”.

Did you see that? David didn’t try to argue with his men. He didn’t try to plead or try to let them see reasons with him. He didn’t wait to be encouraged or for someone to pat his back and tell him everything will be alright. NO, he arose, encouraged himself and sought the face of the Lord.

What are you doing about that situation? Have you accepted defeat or would you strengthen yourself in the Lord? Will you arise and take what belongs to you? Will you stand tall and tell the enemy no way, you will not have what belongs to me. Are you ready to pursue, overtake and recover all that was taken away from you?

This is a word for someone today. It is time to stand tall and encourage yourself in the Lord. It is time to pursue and take what is yours. You have the upper hand because the Mighty warrior is on your side. The King of all Kings and the strong man in battle is your maker. Hear His word to you, “You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, And called from its remotest parts, ‘You are My servant, I have chosen you and not rejected you. ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. “Behold, all those who are angered at you will be shamed and dishonoured; Those who contend with you will be as nothing and will perish.” Isaiah 41:10.

I trust you will encourage yourself in the Lord because He is your God. Stall tall friend.

God bless.



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