The Escape


Chapter One


Seth Evans watched the prosecutor closely as he questioned the witness. He had studied the case for several months and knew every witness by name. Cecil Brooke, the daughter of the deceased; tears streamed down her face as she was been questioned. She had told the court of how her stepfather shot her mother and left her to die in cold blood.


“It’s your witness.” The Judge turned to Seth.

Seth straightened. “Thank you, your Honour.” He stood up and walked towards the docket.

His face was void of any expression; he stood staring at the witness for several seconds. He wanted to intimate her and did succeed in doing just that.


Cecil lowered her head to avoid his intense gaze on her.

“Miss Cecil,” Seth started, “you said you saw your stepfather, Jack Edwards shoot your Mother?” he questioned.


“Yes, I did.” She answered.


He paused and took a long look at her. Her hands were trembling; he knew she was terrified of the whole proceeding and he had no room for any sympathy for her. He had to do his job, and brilliantly for that matter.


“Do you love your mother?” He asked.

She looked up to see his face. “Yes, I do.” She whimpered.

He nodded to affirm her answer. He started to walk towards the jury and then turned back to her direction. “Did you kill your Mother?” He blurted out.


“What!” She was startled.

“I asked if you killed your mother.” His face was taut.

“No, I did not!” Cecil shrieked.

“Objection.” The prosecution raised. The witness is not on trial here your honour.

“Sustained.” The Judge said. The jury should disregard that question. The judge raised an eyebrow at Seth to warn him.


“Okay.” He said in a calm voice. He knew how to indignant any witness. He paused for a moment and then, he continued. “Miss Cecil, would you say you are an angry person?”

She flashed an angry look at him. “No.”

Seth moved closer to her, pretending not to hear her answer. “I’m sorry.”

“No.” She repeated.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“No, I am not an angry person.” She snapped.

Seth raised an eyebrow. “I see.”

“Objection.” The Prosecutor said. “I don’t see how the witness personality is relevant this case.”

“Your honour, I am trying to establish the witness state of mind at the time of the incident.” Seth countered.

“The defence should go straight to his point and stop wasting the court’s time.” The Judge said firmly.


Cecil swallowed hard and took her face away from Seth.

“Isn’t it true that you and your Mother had a fallen out?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

He went to stand in front of her. “There are people who have seen you arguing and shouting at your mother.” He went back to his desk and took some photographs and presented it to the Judge. He also gave a copy to the prosecutor and then finally to Cecil.


Cecil took briefly at the photograph and turned it face down.


“I have evidence to proof that your Mother threatened to take you out of her will due to your reckless drinking and drugs problem-

Cecil jumped to her feet. “That’s not true!” She Shouted. “I don’t have any drugs problem and my mother loved me and would never do that to me.” Her breathing had become heavy.


“Objection! Speculation. The defence is only making things up your Honour.” The prosecutor shouted from his seat.

“Your Honour, here are the official Will statements stating the changes the deceased made to her will shortly before her death.” Seth passed some copies of the document to the prosecution and also one for the Judge.


“Overrule.” The judge said after looking through the documents.

“Thank you, your honour.” Seth smiled. “So, Miss Cecil, I will ask you one more time, did you not kill your mother because she took you out of her Will because you were so angry at her and the only way you could get hold of her money is to kill her and frame your stepfather?” His voice was raised at her; he stood head straight to her with the look of intimidation.


“No, I did not!” Cecil shouted back in tears.

“Wasn’t the print found on the gun the same as yours? You were the only one at home when your mother was killed and no one could verify your whereabouts-

Cecil stood up in anger. “No, I did not kill my mother,” she screamed out, “I saw him shoot her; I watched him leave her to die……..,” She cried out. “she was already dead when I went to her; I was confused, I don’t even remember picking up the gun, He killed my mother,” Cecil shouted pointing at her step-father.


“Then, tell the court why you were hiding when you claimed my client shot your mother?” He asked, “Tell the Court why no one could account for your whereabouts on the day of the murder? Miss Cecil, tell the court why my client, your stepfather, who took care of you, paid your tuition fees, clothed you and took you in even when your own mother threw you out. Why would he kill his own wife, your mother?” Seth demanded from her but Cecil was quiet, covered in tears and confused.


Seth took a long look at her. The only voice in the room was the weeping from the witness. “The defence rest.” He said and walked back to his seat.






It took several hours for the jury to deliberate on the case; finally, they were ushered back into the courtroom.


“Have you reached the verdict?” The Judge asked.

The foreman stood up. “Yes, your Honour.”

“Would the defendant rise.” The Judge ordered.

Seth stood up, with the defendant.

“How do you find the defendant?” The judge asked the foreman.

“We the jury find the defendant, Mr Jack Edwards not guilty.”  He read.


There was uproar as the verdict was read; the defendant jumped in triumph at the news, he shook Seth’s hands.


Mr Peterson walked up to Seth. “That’s my boy; I never doubted your ability to win the case.” He patted him on the back.

Seth nodded at the appreciation; he felt that feeling of disgust again. He hated the man so much but there was nothing he could do since he was his boss. Part of him hated what he had become, and the length he went to prove every client’s innocence, knowing full well that they had contributed to every offence one way or the other.


Seth also knew Mr Edward had killed his wife; he knew some evidence had been fabricated just to get him off it. He knew what Mr Paterson had to do, what they always do to let the guilty walk away freely. He was certain his client had killed his wife but there was nothing he could do; he was his defence lawyer and indebted to his boss, as they called it. Almost every major case that involved any of ‘the saviours’ were referred to him. The ‘saviours’ is the brotherhood cult he belonged to, in fact, his own father was a member before he died, so did his grandfather and his great-grandfather. Every child is commissioned into the cult at the early age of three, they are all sworn in and expected to do accordingly. Mr Peterson, his boss was one of the elders and he had raised him as his own ever since Seth’s father died of cancer fifteen years ago. He had helped him gain a scholarship into one of best Universities in the United States of America, gave him monthly allowances, paid for his law school and even gave him a job in one of the prestigious law firms in the country. He had everything to be grateful for. He knew he could not question any of his assignments and all duties must be followed accordingly.


The saviours controlled eventually everything; the press, law firms, oil, economy, education, financials, everything you can think of, even to the smallest industries.


Although, Seth was grateful for his life; for the things he owned, considering he’s just 28 years and has achieved so much, but part of him felt guilty at every crime that had been committed by members of the cult. The call themselves powerful and cannot be touched by anyone, the law or any other organisation. This last case had been carefully dealt with from the beginning; He knew Mr Edwards had killed his wife after she caught him with his mistress and had threatened to divorce and expose his deeds. However, because of the reputation and social connections, Mr Edwards murdered his wife to cover up his act. Seth watched as Peterson spoke to Mr Edwards, He knew they were all glad about the outcome and they expected nothing short of it. He excused himself and left for the day.



Chapter Two


“Honey, could you please attend to Josh,” Angela spoke over from the Kitchen.

“I got him.” Seth went to pick up their son, Josh from the crib. “But you know I leave by 8:00.”

Angela walked into the living room. “It’s Friday night; you promised to spend the night with us at home.” Angela looked disappointed.

“I’m sorry, there is this thing at work I have to attend to.” He lied. “An appointment with a client.”

“An appointment?” She arched a brow. “You are always away from home all day, why can’t you attend to all your appointments during office hours?” she said angrily and took Josh away from him.

Seth inhaled deeply and brushed his hands down his face. “I’m sorry honey; you know I have to work. I will be home soon.” He said, took his jacket and car keys.


Angela knew better than to argue with him, he always had work to do. Even though he worked very hard and did provide for the family, she was tired of being second best to him. His devotion to his work was effortless. He even had meetings to attend to at odd hours. Angela loved her husband and would work hard at their marriage but she knew she had to confront him with her suspicions even though it hurt her thinking about them.


Chapter Three



Seth drove into the car park of their meeting; he felt waves of fear washed over him. He had always questioned his position in the society. In as much as he was not comfortable with all that went on in there, there was nothing he could do about it. He feared Angela might be on to him one of these days as his excuses were becoming lame. After almost an hour in the meeting, all he heard were rules over and over again especially Madison’s family who were the main news of the day; the whole family had suddenly left town. Their reasons were unknown, but the elders concluded that Mr Madison had failed to carry out a special assignment which was to influence a legislation that was passed in the Congress and so, out of fear, they had decided to flee rather than face the punishment. A mandate was given to search for them and terminate the whole family as a consequence of defying the saviours, and also as a lesson to other members. There was utter silence as these announcements were made and each member feared for his life, of course, that was the whole idea, to force them into submission.



Chapter Four



It’s been nearly a month since the Edwards murder case, and Seth had been given another major case involving a father accused of molesting his son. Even the thought of the case repulsed him. As he read the file over and over again, he felt so much hatred towards his client, another member of his cult and he knew what was to come. He would have to stand in court and question a thirteen-year-old boy about his father molesting him.


Another day in Court, Seth watched as the young boy took his seat in the witness box. He couldn’t bear to listen as the prosecution questioned the boy, and the details of what his father had done to him sickened him. He was lost in his thought and didn’t even hear the Judge telling him to question the witness.


“I’m sorry your honour.” Seth apologized standing up; he searched through his files to find the note he had written. He knew he was nervous but he was Seth, he never lost a case, he had to control himself and pull himself together.


“Mr Evans, are you ready to question your witness?” Seth heard the judge ask again.

“I’m sorry your honour.” He went over to witness box.

“Andy,” he started, “can I call you Andy?” He asked, smiling at the boy.

“Yes,” Andrew said nervously.

“You stated in your statement that your father comes into your room almost every night?”He asked.

Andrew nodded quietly.

“I’m sorry Andy; I would like a yes or no answer please,” Seth said.

“Yes.” he answered quietly.

“What were you doing during those hours?” He asked.

“I was sleeping.” He answered.

“According to your father’s statement to the police, he said and I quote, ‘my son has been bedwetting even to this age, most times in the night, I go over to his room to wake him up. I was merely trying to teach him the routine of waking up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. I never for once touched my son inappropriately’.

Andrew had bowed his head in shame.

“Isn’t that true Andy?” Seth asked.

“Yes, but- he stammered.

“It’s a simple yes or no answer, Andy,” Seth said in a soothing voice and yet intimidating tone. “Isn’t it true that you mistook your father coming in to wake you up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom as him coming in to molest you?” He asked again.


This time, Andrew became quiet, he hands were trembling, and tears streamed down his face. He looked from Seth to his father. Seth watched helplessly as the boy swelled up in tears and suddenly rose up in anger.


“I know what I know!” Andrew suddenly cried out. “I know what happened those nights.., I am not a baby, and I know how he touched me.” He shouted out in anger. “Most times, I cried, and beg him to stop but he never listened. He hits me so bad and threatened to kill me if I ever to tell anyone. I know what he did to me and it’s not fair, he’s supposed to be my daddy.” He was panting heavily and then broke down into more tears.


“You bastard.” The boy’s mother shouted from her seat. “You are a sick, sick bastard.” She shouted, pointing angrily at her husband.

The Judge was shouting to maintain order but the woman wouldn’t listen.

“How can you do that to our son, my son.” She ran to attack him but was restrained by the officers in the courtroom. “Bastard,” She cried out as she was being removed from the courtroom by the security officers.


Seth felt sickened and couldn’t even bear to ask any more question. He hated himself for what he was doing to the boy so he just walked back to his seat.


“The defence rests.”


“Court adjourned.” The Judge said and left the courtroom.


As they all stood up to leave the Courtroom, his client turned to him.

“You could have done better,” Mr Robertson said angrily, “You almost got him at his weak point, why did you stop?” He raged. Seth looked at him furiously, so much that he wanted to hit him but had to control himself and walked away.









Chapter Five



The event of today in the court room made Seth very upset. After several attempts to sleep, he decided to go downstairs to the living room. He had never been weakened in court before, he always had everything under control, nothing could get in the way but these days, he had to question himself and his loyalty to his cult. Out of anger, he began to smash things around in the kitchen, using his fist against the wall. He was angry at himself; he knew he was becoming something he hated so much. He was a father who would defend his son, Josh, with his life and would never let any hurt come to him, yet his actions today made him felt like a shame to fatherhood.


The noise woke Angela up; she realized Seth wasn’t in bed, so she ran downstairs…


“Seth!” She called out quietly.

“Are you alright?” she called out again, then she saw him sitting against the wall.


He looked up at her. “I’m sorry I woke you up.” he said quietly.

“What’s wrong honey?” Angela knelt down in front of him.

Seth bowed his head.

“Honey,” She touched his head, “are you alright?”

“I’m alright…” he looked at her and then, took his face away out of shame.

“No, you are not.” She didn’t want to push him hard, but still wanted in on everything that might be wrong. She knew his mind had been occupied for some time. “Don’t hide anything from me, please…”


He brushed his hands down his face, and inhaled deeply. “I wish I could let you in Angela…” He swallowed hard. “There are so many things you don’t know.”


She cupped his face into her hands, and smiled warmly. “I am here with you Seth; I want to know everything, I am here honey.”


Seth was silent for a while, pondering whether to tell Angela or not. He feared she might walk out on him knowing everything. The things he had done, the people he had defended knowing what they truly were was despicable. Then, he looked straight into her eyes; he knew she loved him. She had been the one who held their marriage together all these while. She had sacrificed so much for them, even when he had not been truthful, she has been there for him. He realised he had to tell her the truth. He was tired of the nightmares, the silent voices, the hurt he sees every day in the court room; He needed to tell someone.


Seth decided to come clean to her, he told her all about ‘the saviours’, his alliance and loyalty to them; how they serve as lords over them and how tied his commitment was to them. Angela listened very carefully trying hard not to bring out the emotions inside of her.


“Oh my God!” She exclaimed when he finished. “Why didn’t you tell me all this?” She whimpered. She was overwhelmed by all she’d just heard, and tried not to panic. She sat back against the wall, and inhaled deeply.


“I’m sorry dear, I wanted to but things are very complicated, I didn’t want to involve you, I thought I could handle things my own way,” he said with tears in his eyes. “But it’s getting worse day by day…..”


Angela stared at him in utter confusion.


Then, she came to sit in front of him. “God! Honey, you need to get out! You have to denounce them.”


“I can’t!” Seth said bluntly.


“What do you mean that you can’t?”


“Because I can’t just walk away, I owe everything to them, my life…” He shook his head in dismay.


“Sweetheart, listen to me,” she cupped his face into her hands. “You owe no one anything, not your life, it belongs to God. God is your Saviour, not some occult men that use people to get what they want. They rule the world with fear and brutally. They manipulate the systems. What they make you do is wrong, what they do is horrible. We need to get out.” she looked straight into his eyes.


He nodded his head to disagree. “You just don’t understand dear, you don’t know these people we are dealing with.”


“I understand you honey. For some months now, I have been trying to get you to go to Church with us. You know the Women’s programme I recently joined, they don’t just do charity for the homeless and all; they teach us the word of God, Jesus came to save us from our sins and so, we have been brought by the righteousness of God, even when we were sinners, he died for us.” Her face lilted up.


Seth stood up, and walked away from her. “You believe in all that bullshit.”


“Yes Honey,” she said with all seriousness. “I believe Jesus came to die for my Sins, I believe He is my Saviour, He does good things and never asks anything in return, He doesn’t make me do bad things or threaten to disown me if I walk out on him; It’s a free gift dear, all you have to do is accept.” She realized Seth was beginning to listen, so she explained further what it means to be born again, and the Power in the name of Jesus.


“Honey, I can’t begin to tell you how much peace there is in Christ, He sets you free from every bondage of the enemy, gives you a new life and a new identity in Him.” she said with excitement.

“You think he can help me with ‘the saviour’s’? He asked soberly.


“Yes, He will; I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but we have got to trust Him and dear, I am going to be here with you, we are in this together.” She held his hands firmly.


“Oh my dear…” Seth held Angela into his arms. “You don’t know how long I have been waiting to tell you all these, I was scared you would leave me and yet, you are here telling me there’s a way out, you love me still; Thank you honey…” He hugged her tightly. “I love you dear, thank you so much…”


“I love you honey and that’s not going to change; right now, we need a higher power to help us, so dear, are you ready to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour?” she asked in tears of joy.


“Oh yes I am!” Seth answered her.


Right there, Angela led her husband to the Lord, they prayed and cried together. Her prayers had been answered. Ever since she came into Christ, she had tried to share the same experience with her husband but he always put her off, she had begged him to follow them to church but he bluntly refused. Although he had never stopped them from going, but never been fully interested until now. After they had prayed, cried and talked, they went back to bed.





Chapter Six



Seth woke up that Monday morning with a feeling of peace he had never felt before; although he had not fully comprehended what being a born again Christian was all about; but he knew he was sure in it. Over the weekend, he searched through the bible Angela gave him. He wanted to know more, and the deeper he read, he knew without doubt that he was in the right place. He also followed Angela and their son to church on Sunday morning. It was truly refreshing and the peace he felt in his heart was indescribable. He had never felt that free in many years, he knew God was with him, and he in Him. It was another Monday morning, and he left for work as usual.


“Sir, the director wants you in his office.” he heard his secretary from the intercom.

“I’ll be right there.” he answered.


As he walked to Peterson’s office, he suddenly felt fear wash all over him. He knew he was going to talk about the Robertson case, probably his client had reported him.


“Good morning Sir.” he greeted.

“Sit!” Peterson ordered without looking at him.

“The Robertson case. I was told things were a little bit rough the last time in court,” he said with an unpleasant tone. “Nevertheless, I know you will still pull it off.” he continued. “Now, we have acquired some new evidence that will pave way for us if you do your part well.” he passed some documents to Seth.


“That is a statement from the little sister. Andrew has been molesting his younger sister and you know how that goes.” he smiled knowing fully well the documents were manipulated.


Seth read the document carefully and the words disgusted him, he felt sick to the stomach. He could not believe they manipulated a child into giving this statement, making false allegation against his own brother. ‘Why would anyone do this to children?’ their lies to make Andrew lose credibility before the jury.


“I won’t do this Sir!” Seth voiced out

“What? You can’t or you won’t?” Peterson was confused.

“I won’t do this sir, I cannot use this against a thirteen years old boy, he’s only a kid, and How far do we want to go to destroy a kid’s life?” he asked angrily.

“That’s not your business Seth, you do as I want.” he raised his voice at him. “Your loyalty to us is the ultimate.” he added.

He threw the file on the table. “I am through with loyalty, I can’t keep destroying lives all in the name of loyalty.” He retorted.

“What nonsense are you saying boy?” Peterson asked furiously.

“I cannot keep bailing murderers, thieves, criminals out all for the sake of loyalty.” Seth said back.

“No, you will!” Peterson shouted back. “We are the reason you are here now, you owe us everything, I mean, everything.” He said. “So, Seth, you will do everything we want, I don’t care about what conscience you suddenly have.” He shouted at him.


“I won’t!” Seth shouted back. “I quit!” He said and walked out of his office.

“You dare not!” He heard Peterson’s voice behind him but he kept walking, went into his office to pick up his jacket and suitcase. Seth had no idea where the confidence came from to stand up against Peterson but he knew for sure that he didn’t want to continue in this lie. He won’t stand and defend the criminals all in the name of loyalty.




Chapter Seven



When Seth got home, he went into the Kitchen and found Angela attending to Josh, so he tiptoed there, carried her up and kissed her.


“Oh Seth!” she exclaimed “What’s going on?” She asked smiling.

“I quit!”

“What!” she asked confused.

“I quit honey, I’m finally out.” he said excited.

“Oh, honey.” she pulled him to herself. “I am so proud of you.” Angela said.

“Yes Honey, you don’t have to worry about anything, I will start looking for another job.” he carried Josh out of his chair.

“I know honey, I know God would provide all our needs.” Angela said smiling.



Seth gave himself a week before he started searching for a new job; he got a couple of interviews the following week and prayed for the best. During this time at home, he devoted himself to knowing the power of God; he studied the bible over and over again, trying to get a hold of things. About two weeks after, he got calls from Mr. Peterson and some elders of the cult, they urged him to come back to them, forgiving him for walking out but he refused. When they realized he was determined to stay out, they threatened him and his family but Seth never gave in to them.

One day, he came back home from an interview.


“Honey, I’m back.” he called out.

“How was it?” Angela asked.

“Fine, I hope; they said they will get back to me within three days but it was a good interview.” He said.

“God would grant us favour.” Angela gave him cup of iced tea.

“Honey, I went out to the supermarket today but our card was declined.” she said confused.

“Declined? That can’t be.” Seth picked up his phone to call the bank.


After several minutes on hold, “Hello, Wallis Bank.” he heard the operator.

“Yes, my name is Seth Evans.” he said.

“How may I help you Mr Evans?”

“I would like to know my balance please?” he said.

“Account number please?” the operator asked.

“786469392.” Seth said.

“Sorry Sir, I can’t seem to find any account with that number.”

Seth repeated the account number again, his date of birth and address to help them find his account but to no avail.

“Sir, are you sure you are calling the right bank?” the operator asked

“What sort of question is that, I know my bank, I have my bank card here, what sort of silly joke is this?” he said angrily. “The last I checked, I had over $100,000 in my account, now you are telling me I got the wrong bank.” he shouted.

“I’m sorry Sir, I can’t seem to find any name Seth Evans or the account number you gave me, I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” the operator said and hung up


“Hello, hello, hello…” Seth shouted at the receiver.

“What is it?” Angela asked confused.

“My bank does not seem to have any record of my account; it’s all gone” he said as he slumped on the couch, “all gone.” he groaned.


“That’s impossible, is it?” Angela whimpered. “What’s happening? How?”

“The saviour.” Seth said. “They did all these, they think they can shake me.” he got up and picked up his car key.

“Where are you going?” Angela asked going over to stop him.

“I’m going to see Peterson, he did all these.” he answered angrily. “That was my money, I worked hard for that.”

“No, you are not going anywhere.” Angela shouted in fear, and went to stand against the door. “Don’t you see what they are doing?” she cried out. “We cannot fight these people physically dear, remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, rulers of darkness in High places.” She held his hands, and slowly took the car keys away from him. “Please honey, don’t go over to them. God will sort us out, He would provide for our needs and He will provide you with a good job.” she said in tears.

“We can even move to another state, let’s start afresh.” she said.


“I am not moving anywhere, this is my home, and no one will make me leave.” he shouted.


Angela felt sad. Tears sprang to her eyes.


“They drained all my account, my own money and now you want me to run away from them.” he said angrily.

“Honey, this is not our battle, it is the Lord.” Angela said.

“So, how do you suppose we survive?” he asked.

“I’ve got some money saved, we can use that until we get a new job.” she said.

“How much?” Seth asked.

“About $5,000.” she said.

“$5,000!” Seth chuckled and went to sit down.



That night, Seth laid awake in his bed thinking. He couldn’t believe Patterson could go to this length. He had worked selflessly for him for many years, and the money was his. He felt he couldn’t just let it go, and he had to get all his money back. Suddenly, he heard some noise downstairs, and went to check it out. The living room was dark but he was sure there was definitely someone there so he switched on the light and there, he found Patterson sitting comfortably on the couch.


“What are you doing here?” he was shocked.

Patterson chuckled. “Just thought I should drop by.” He smiled arrogantly.

“You are not welcome here.” Seth shouted. “I want you to leave my house now!”

“Hush…” He whispered, “You don’t want to wake up neighbours or the little boy sleeping upstairs.” He pointed up.

“Don’t you dare?” Seth straightened, and stood a step closer to him.

Patterson stood up. “I trained you so well Son, I invested so much in you, now, you just want to walk away, you should know better. You cannot make it anywhere without us. We own everything.” He said.


Seth looked at him and felt so much confidence and said “I have a greater Power now, He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world, with God, I can do all things.”


Patterson roared out in laughter. “You believe in that nonsense.”


“I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe he has forgiven me and cleansed me of all my sins, I know that no weapon that is fashioned against me shall prosper and every tongue shall be condemned.” he said confidently to him. “I know what I know.” he added.


“You are full of shit Seth, we will squeeze you so hard, we will haunt you and destroy everything you have.” he raged at him.


“You can do nothing to me Patterson; even if you take my money away, things that I owe, you will never take the freedom I found in Christ. You are all lies, full of deceit and wickedness.” He said back at him.


“You will not survive, not anywhere in this world. With us, you can roar high, without us, even homeless man is much better.” He gestured with his hands.


“You are wrong, so wrong.” He roared at him. “I will bring you down; every elder of your demonic cult are going down.” He sneered at him.


Patterson was full of rage. He looked hard at him. “We are on your case Seth, every move you make, we will know about it, everywhere you go, we will follow you, every plans you make, we are very aware of it, in fact, every food you eat, we surely will know about it. I will see to it personally that you don’t make a cent in this country, until you come crawling back to us, begging us to pick up the crumbs we can give to you.”


Seth felt so much strength and faith regardless of Peterson’s threat. He chuckled and laughed at his face. “You think you know it all,” he said to him. “There is a God whose awesomeness you cannot comprehend, whose greatness is beyond what you can fathom, whose riches is more than the grains of sand, His power is greater than the Universe itself, He is the God that I serve.” Seth said smiling.



“I can see you’ve gone mad!” Peterson shouted at him in rage walking towards the front door, “this is not the last you will hear from us.” he pointed angrily at him, and then walked out.


Seth watched through the window as he drove out angrily. He felt so confident within him, although he knew he has not heard the last of them as he had said; the saviour will go to any length to intimidate him and pull him down but he knows beyond all reasonable doubt that the battle is of the Lord and the victory is his.



Chapter Eight


After a few days of this incident, Seth called the firm where he applied to but unfortunately, they could not offer him a job. He was so angry but determined to keep his faith strong; he encouraged himself in the Lord and believed that God is faithful till the end. Then, he got a call from his Mum.


“Hello.” Seth said.

“Seth dear.” Sylvia, his Mum called.

“Hello mum, are you alright?” he asked.

“Oh dear, you have to go back to them; you are safe there.” Her voice shook in despair.

“Mum, what are you talking about?”

“Seth, listen and listen carefully, these people are very dangerous; please dear, do as they say.” She said wearily.

Then, he realised what his mum was talking about. Her mum had always referred to the saviours as his dad’s associate when he was little. Mr. Patterson was close to them after the death of his father, and his mum never said ill of them.


“Mum, there’s a better way, I found a better way.”


“What you do mean?” Her voice was tear-choked.


“I mean, I found a better way. The saviours are all about lie, deceit and wickedness.”


“Seth!” she exclaimed. “You need to be very careful at the way you speak about them, they are everywhere.” She whispered. “I don’t want anything to happen to you, you know…..


Then he heard the doorbell ring at the other end of the phone.


“Let me get the door.” she said.


Seconds later, Seth could hear his mother arguing with someone. ‘I told you I would speak to him, please give him some time.’ Seth heard his mother speaking to someone but couldn’t make the rest of the words as he started to hear her scream.


“Mum, who’s there? Seth shouted, but the phone went dead. He tried calling back, but the phone was disconnected, at that, he picked up his car keys and ran out of the house. As he raced down to his Mother’s house, he feared for the worst, praying for her safety.


It took him almost half an hour to drive down to her place. He ran out of the car leaving his door open; he discovered the front door of the house was opened. He called out for her but there was no answer, so he went through the living room, kitchen, and garden but there was no sign of her. Then, he ran upstairs and found her lying on the bed.


“Mum!” he called her but no response.

“Mum!” he touched her but she didn’t move. He touched her again and discovered she was cold.


“Oh God!” He checked her pulse. “Mum, please.” There was no pulse on her.

“This is too much Lord,” he cried out. “Why Lord……” he whimpered as he held his mother.

“I could have told her about you Lord, you could have given me more time…” he cried out.



The ambulance arrived to take her body to the hospital. It was later concluded that she had died of heart attack but Seth knew better. He knew the saviours were involved, they killed his mother. They knew how much he loved her and so, went after her. Seth felt he had failed her in some ways, if only he had taken their threat seriously, if only he had protected his mother, he had failed her.



Chapter Nine


The days went by slowly. Seth was saddened about the death of his mother, and felt strong anger towards the saviour.


It was the day of the funeral, He had noticed some members of the saviours present there.


“How dare you?” He shouted at Peterson and the elders. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“Son, we are here to pay our respect.” Peterson said.

“Don’t you dare call me son; I am not your son and I don’t want you here.” He shouted.

“Your Mother was a dear friend.” Peterson spoke on behalf of the elders while they all nodded in agreement.

“Your friend!” he chuckled “Your friend and you killed her.” he shouted at them.

“Don’t say such a thing, we don’t kill people.” Peterson said.

“I know what you did, all of you,” he looked angrily at them all. “I know you are full of evil as your father himself is of the devil but I bet you all, you will regret this.” he said and walked away from there.


He didn’t want to disrespect his mother by making a scene, he knew their coming there was just to humiliate him and he won’t give them the satisfaction. He joined his family as the ceremony continued.




Chapter Ten



A few months later, things had been so difficult for them, Seth couldn’t get a job, he even went so low to apply for a security guard position and he was turned down. Angela decided to search for a job herself; she eventually got a part time position in a day care centre to support them until something better comes. In all these, they continued to grow in fellowship with God, they found peace and joy and knew that God was with them; he had been providing all their needs according to his riches. His blessings filled their heart and they remained steadfast through these trials.


“Honey, it would be fun.” Seth said to his wife. “We haven’t gone out in like forever.”

“I don’t know,” Angela said. “We don’t have enough to go out.” she said.

“Sweetheart, we don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant, even burgers; I just want to spend some time with you.” he said.

“Alright honey, how about Josh? She asked.

“I took care of that, I requested a baby sitter from the youth centre down the road; she should be here any minute now”. he said excited.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes dear, everything is been taken care of.” Seth said.

“Ok then.” she said smiling, “I don’t want to disappoint you seeing you’ve already planned everything.” she added.


Seth was glad he could take his wife out for dinner, nothing too fancy but spending the time together meant a lot to him. They went for drinks and spent most of their time walking in the park. They needed that time alone, falling in love over and over again.

As they drove back home, they noticed police cars were all over their street, ambulances and fire department. They were stopped along the road as no cars were allowed entrance. Angela and Seth got down from their car and started to run towards their house. Their heart skipped a beat when they saw their house on fire.


“Oh God, my Son is in there…” Angela shouted, running into the house but was stopped by one of the police offices, but Seth ran past them while some officers ran after him.

“Please…” he pleaded, “My son and baby sitter are in there.” he cried out. “He’s only three…” he cried out. “Please….” He cried, struggling with the men as they held onto him tightly.

“I’m sorry Sir, I can’t let you go in; the whole house is in flames.” He pulled him away.

“Oh God!” Angela cried. “Not my son…” she went to her husband.  “See what you did, I told you Seth, told you to let’s move far away from here but you knew better…” She cried out hitting him on the chest.

“Angela…”Seth tried to hold her

“Don’t touch me!” she jerked away from him.

“Oh God, What have I done, you promised you will keep in perfect peace, those who trust in you….” she cried out. “Why haven’t you kept your promise Lord?”



After several hours of putting out the fire, the building was thick black. Windows are broken all over, some part of the house had collapsed all on the ground. The police drove Seth and Angela to one of the hotel to stay for the night as they continued to search the whole house knowing well that, their Son was long dead but assured them to bring out his body or anything that remained of him.


They both cried all through the night.





In the morning, a knock was heard on the door of the hotel room. Seth reluctantly stood to answer it only to find Bridget, the baby sitter standing here with Josh in her arms.


“Oh my God! Oh my God!!” he shrieked, and took Josh quickly away from her.


Angela ran to the door.


She screamed when she saw Josh, and took him away from Seth. “My baby,” she hugged him tightly, and kissed all over his face. Seth held his son and wife together almost forgetting Bridget. They wept as they held their Son in joy.


“What happened?” Seth finally asked, and took Bridget by the hand into the room.

“Please, tell us what happened?” he asked again.


All of a sudden, Bridget was flooded in tears.


“Please, don’t be sad, we are happy that you both are alive.” Seth said, but Bridget continued in tears.


“I am so sorry…” she wailed. “Please forgive me.” she begged.


“Dear, we are not angry with you, we are glad to see you both alive.” Angela went to her. “Did you leave the house before the fire started, what happened?”


Bridget whimpered, she couldn’t utter any word.

“It’s ok Bridget, we are just glad everyone is ok.” He tried to assure her.


“No, you don’t understand.” Bridget whimpered. “I was sent to do this.”


“What do you mean?” Seth straightened.


“The saviours sent me!” she cried out, and covered her mouth.


Angela stood up quickly, and held her son tighter to herself.


Bridget swallowed hard, and continued. “They said they wanted to bring you down, take you off from the face of the earth. Destroy all you have one by one. They waited patiently for you, they monitored your calls to the youth centre and knew you would need a baby sitter, they arranged everything. They asked me to set the house on fire.” she said in tears.


Angela let out a sob, but covered her mouth from screaming out.


Seth felt tears streaming down his face and made no attempt to wipe it. He stood there unable to move or utter any word.


“You can’t defy the saviours, you dare not question their authority. I had no choice.” She sobbed.


“Why?” Seth whispered, but Bridget heard him as she had looked up to see his face.


“They are everywhere. You cannot just walk out on them, and expect to have a normal life.” She answered.


“So you set our house on fire?” Seth shouted.


“I had no choice. I had to obey every instruction.” She shouted back in tears.


He walked angrily to her. “You were supposed to watch our son, keep him safe.” He raged out in anger.


“They are the saviours, I had no choice.” She screamed out.


“You had a choice.” He shouted back.


“Seth!” Angela shouted to get his attention.


He turned to her direction, and saw the fear on her face.

“Please…..” She whimpered. “Josh is here, he’s here with us.” she gently rubbed their son’s back as he was asleep. “He’s alive honey….”


Seth inhaled deeply, and walked away from Bridget. He went to stand against the wall.


There was silence in the room for a few minutes, then Bridget continued.


“I did as they asked, I started the fire in the Kitchen. Josh was asleep in the room.” She took a minute to look at their face and saw the horror in their eyes.


“But as I was leaving the house, I saw a man walked into the house.” her face suddenly lilted. “He just walked passed me without saying a word. His face was glittered up in light. He walked fearlessly in the air, more like, floating. He looked like a man, but not like a man. His clothes were not like normal clothing, more like clothed in cloud.


I was stood there shocked. I just stood there and watched him go into the house.


Seth straightened again, he couldn’t understand what she was saying.


“Just then, he came out of the house carrying Josh with him; so I ran after him…, I asked him what he was doing, who he was but he just walked on. He didn’t answer, he just kept going so I followed him. Suddenly, I realised I was lost. I had no idea where I was. The street weren’t like ours, it looked like I was on another planet, I don’t know how my feet carried me after him, and all I knew was that I was following him.”


Angela carefully laid their son on the bed by her side.


Bridget continued. “Then, I followed him into a house, a mighty house filled with so much dazzling of light, I couldn’t comprehend the description and beauty of that place. It was beautiful, peaceful and warm. The man laid Josh down on the bed and then looked hard at me. I became crippled in fear; my feet were weak that I could no longer stand. I was brought down to my knees.


He came towards me, and then I saw myself, more like a reflection and that scared me, all I saw were pure evil and darkness. I shouted out in fear and begged him not to come any closer but he did and then, he touched me. He touched my face.”


Seth could no longer stand, so he went to Angela and sat by her side. He had never heard such talk before, but something in he believed what she was saying. He was eager to hear more.


A broad smile suddenly appeared on Bridget’s face. “I felt illuminated, I felt peace, love, and compassion. Then, he began to speak to me, it wasn’t in English or any language I could understand. He spoke in an unknown language and yet, I could understand him. He said my sins have been paid off, he said he loved me so much that he died in my place so I can be free.


As he continued to speak, I wept and wept. He held my hands and told me that he loves me. I begged him to forgive me of all my wrongs and let me stay right there with him but He insisted I had to go back; he said I have to tell others what I have seen and received. I had seen how filthy and dirty my clothes were when we first came into the house but when I cried for mercy, I noticed my clothes became dazzling white, and spotless.


After a while, he said it was time to go; he carried Josh and held my hand and then, I found myself standing at your door.


Seth and Angela were soaked in tears as they listened to Bridget, the girl they knew nothing about and yet felt connected to her. They were supposed to hate her but yet felt love towards her. They knew it was the Lord, he saved their son.


“I am very sorry…., please forgive me” Bridget cried out to them. “The saviours used and manipulated me into this evil but I know better now, I know a better way…” She said in tears.


“If it has not been for the Lord who was on our side” Seth smiled at her. “We forgive you dear, and we don’t hold anything against you.” Seth added.


“I’m not sure what to say…” Angela said in tears. “I mean….” She whimpered. “I am grateful to God for giving me back my son…” She said in tears “But I have to forgive you dear, if not for God….” She allowed the tears run down her face.



“I know dear……” Seth said.


After several minutes, they all had stopped crying. Bridget told them more about her encounter and all that she was told to do. Seth also explained who God was and how to become a born again Christian which she wholeheartedly accepted.


“So, what are you going to do now?” Angela spoke out. “I mean, ‘the saviours.” she added.


“All I know is that I found God who is greater than them. I am going away for a while; I need to know Him more.” She said smiling.


Angela stood up going to hug her. Bridget felt so much love and forgiveness knowing that she didn’t deserve this despite what she did, but she knew that it could only be God working in them.  She said her goodbye and left the house.



Shortly after she left, they heard another knock on the door. Seth went to the door and found another guest, the face wasn’t familiar.


“I’m sorry Sir, Are you Mr Seth Evans?” The man asked politely.


“Yes, how I help you?” Seth said.


“I am so sorry about your house, I was directed here by one of the Officers at your house.” he said.

“It’s okay.” Seth said. “What can I do for you?” Seth asked again.

“My name is Christopher Hutchins; I work with the Global communications. You sent us some computer programmers almost eight years ago, about some advance network.” He said trying to make him remember.

“Yes I did, that was a long time ago.” Seth said. “Please, come in.” he said.

“That was just a hobby I was so fascinated about in college but I ended up being a lawyer.” he said.

“Really?” Chris smiled. “The reason I’m here is because we have been trying to advance our technology for a long time and couldn’t find the best options, all our IT operators have worked so hard but nothing could be found, so one of our operators was going through some old files and found your programmes. It was very impressive, something we’ve all wanted,” he said excited. “I was sent here by the Managing directors to ask you to please come down to our office, if you are willing to sell us your prototype.” he said.


“What!” he said excited.

“Sir, that prototype is worth millions of dollars.” Chris said smiling.

“How much are we talking about?” Seth asked.

“We are offering 2.5 million dollars and open for negotiation.” Chris said smiling.

“Are you serious…..” he stammered.

“Oh my God!” Angela said from where she was sitting, listening to them.

“We will need you to come down to our office, if you are willing to work with us.” Chris said.

“When?” Angela asked seeing her husband was still in stock.

“As soon as you can.” Chris answered.

“Can we come now?” Seth asked.

“Of course,” Chris replied, excited. “But you will give me few hours to get the directors together.”

“Go on dear,” Angela said excited “We’ll wait here for you.”

“Oh no dear, I’m not leaving you both here for one second,” He said carrying Josh in his arms, “Let’s all go dear.” He said excited.



The deal was completed in three days. Seth sold the prototype but still retained ownership. They decided to move to another city, not out of fear of the Saviour but realized the battle is the Lord and their lives shouldn’t be spent fighting battles with the enemy, they wanted a clean slate, a new life. Seth decided to follow his life-long dream of computer design and programming. They continued to serve the Lord fervently, they also shared their testimony with everyone they met including this reader, they want you to know God does deliver and save his people, He always come true whatsoever the situation may be. He forgives our sins; he will wash you in the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, clothe you with mercy, cleanse you with compassion, feed you with forgiveness, restore you with grace, crowned you with glory and comfort you.


Shout for joy to God, all the earth;

Sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise!

Say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!

So great is your power that your enemies come cringing to you.

All the earth worships you and sings praises to your name.’

Watch out for the concluding part. ‘The Final Battle!”



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