The Final Battle


(Continuation of The Escape! You will need to read The Escape to understand this part)


10 years later.


Chapter One


Seth and his family had settled well in their new home in Michigan. He worked hard to build his own private IT Company while Angela worked as an estate agent. Things were moving well for the whole family. Josh, their son, had grown to be a fine young man and even as a teenager, his depth and knowledge of God had become part of his lifestyle. Since the incident with the saviours ten years ago, the family’s decision to move away from their home was a fresh start for them. Starting a new life was tough at first; they had to travel from one state to another to find a suitable place to settle. However, with time they were able to gain root in the state of Michigan. They found a beautiful house they loved, and a family fellowship they could be part of.


“See you later Dad.” Josh hurried towards the door to leave for school.

“Enjoy your day son.” Seth said after him.

Josh chuckled. “Seriously dad, in school.”

“Well, try to.” Seth teased him.

He turned to see Angela walked down the stairs all dressed up to leave for work.

“Honey, have you seen my keys anywhere?” she searched through her bag.

“On the Kitchen table.” Seth answered.


The doorbell rang.


“I will get it.” Angela said.


A young man stood there, he looked taken aback when he saw her.

“Good morning.” The man said.

“Morning, can I help you?” She asked. His face was unfamiliar.

“I’m…here to see…. Mr. Evans…. Please.” He was nervous.

“Excuse me for one second.” Angela closed the door behind her.

“Honey, there’s a man outside. He’s asked for Mr. Evans.”

Seth turned to face her. “I’m not expecting anyone.” He said and walked towards the door.


“Hello.” Seth stared at him for one second. The face looked familiar, but he couldn’t figure out where he’d seen him before.

“Hello, My name is David and I need your help.” He looked helpless.

Seth softened his look on him. “Please do come in.” He opened the door wide without a hesitation.

“I’m very sorry to bother you this early morning, but we really do need your help.” “What do you mean by ‘we’?” Angela frowned from where she was standing.

“Please, come sit down,” Seth said, ignoring her question. “Do you want anything to drink?”

Angela raised an eyebrow at him. She knew he was in the habit of ignoring some warning signs; eager to help everyone at any time.


“No, thank you.” David cleared his throat as he straightened in his seat. “This may come as a surprise to you,” He looked at the couple. “But I know who you are.”


Angela froze as she felt her heart skipped a beat.


“What do you mean?” Seth asked.


“As I said before, my name is David; David Blake and I used to be with the saviours.”


Seth became steeled.


“And I know you used to be with the saviours.” He added.

“What?” Seth gasped. “What do you mean…? How…..?” surging to his feet, he walked towards Angela.


“I used to be a finder in the ‘saviours’; I was one of their best finders,” his tone was almost of pride. He avoided the intense look on him. “It took me years to locate you, several towns, names……”


“Okay, enough! What do you want?” Seth demanded. He realized where he had seen his face before. He was a member of the saviours and Seth knew too well how effective and efficient a finder could be. They are the tools the saviours used to track down any runaway member.


Angela’s eyes were smouldering with resentment.


David realised the tension in the room; he gathered his visit was about to come to an end if he continued showing off the saviours. “You see, ever since you boldly stood up against the saviours ten years ago, despite all they did to you, and finally escaped.” His face lilted up in joy.  “They did everything to find you but all to a dead end. This gave most of us who wanted out the courage to also leave.” a hint of relief settled on his face.


There was so much confusion at the saviours’; they had lost control, many of us fled to unknown destinations, some changed their names, identities and all sorts.” He saw that their faces was softened, so he continued.


“The elders were furious; they lashed out in anger and came after us. Although, they found some but after five years, there was complete silence, no one heard from them. But a few months ago, we began to lose contact from some of us who had fled, they just went missing.” he said sadly.


Seth had eased up a bit; he walked towards him with a concern look on his face.


“Maybe they are still on the run.” He sat down.


“No sir, the saviours are back hunting; there has been series of unresolved murders in the news lately. Those were our members. They are back hunting, and this time, it’s bad, very bad.” His hands started to shake uncontrollable. The fear on his face spread all over the room.


“We have been terrified ever since these killings began; some have reported been followed.” he tried to steady his hands from trembling.


“Seth, can I speak to you?” Angela interrupted, and walked to the kitchen.

Seth responded immediately. “Excuse me.” He said to their guest.


He saw Angela pacing in the kitchen. “Honey, I don’t like this.” She said.

“I know….” Seth said confused.

“This could be a trap, we can’t trust him. How did they find us?” she asked, distraught.

“I’m not sure, he said he was a finder.” His answer was more of satisfying the fear building up in him.

She faced him. “We have to do something fast, we have to send him away. He looks mendacious” she whispered, pointing towards the living room.


“Deceitful, dishonest, untruthful, disingenuous….”

“I know what you mean.” He snapped.

“Then you have to send him away.” She snapped back.


“But they need our help, I can’t do that.”

“Help! This man is talking about unresolved murders, killings…., the saviours are back!” her jaw tightened in fear.

“I can’t just turn my back on them, he needs our help.”

“I don’t know.” She started to pace again, agitated and full of fear. “All I know is that I don’t trust him. Tell him there’s nothing you can do.”

“You know I can’t do that!” Seth said bluntly.

“I knew you wouldn’t listen to me,” her anger was flaring out of control. “I’m going to work.”

“Work!” He threw his hands in the air in frustration. “we have an issue here, and you are going to work?”

“No! YOU have an issue to sort out; I already told you what to do. You can go ahead and do what you do best: ignoring me to start with.”

“What do you mean ignoring you?” Seth asked.

“I’m off to work.” Angela said and walked hastily through the back door.


Seth sighed as he was left standing there. He knew he couldn’t just walk away from all these; he had to do something, so he went back to the living room.

“Sorry about that.” he apologized while David just nodded.

“Sir, I know you were not supposed to be found but we really need your help.” his tone of voice was more of a cry for help.

“Alright, I would like to meet everyone,” Seth said. “Let me have your number and I can arrange a venue to meet.”

“Okay, here,” David said, he gave Seth his number. “We do appreciate your help.” He walked towards the door.

“Thank you.”

“Talk to you soon.” Seth closed the door behind.


Seth had to sit down for a while to absorb everything that had just happened; he knew within himself that the day was near when they would have to confront the saviours, but this time with an ultimate power in the name of Jesus. As he pondered on all that happened, he couldn’t but also think about his wife. Things had become so distanced between them for months now, they hardly talked as they used to, and he had been so absorbed in his own work and in church that he had forgotten how to be a lover to his wife. He planned to make it up to her this night; he knew they had to start by communicating with each other.



Chapter Two



“Are you alright?” Pam asked Angela seeing she just poured away another cup of coffee without drinking it. “Is there something wrong with the coffee?” she asked

“Oh! You noticed.” Angela said. “I don’t think it’s the coffee.” she tried to force a smile.

“Is something bothering you?” Pam asked.

“You know, same thing”. Angela looked wry.

“Oh dear, I thought you planned to talk to him a few days ago?”

“Well, I planned to but I got home late from work and we both have been busy ever since.” Angela said in distress.

“I understand dear,” Pam went to stand by her. “Things always get in the way but you shouldn’t give up honey.” she tried reassuring her.

“Thanks dear.” Angela smile was suitably grateful.

“Why don’t I take you out after work to talk?” Pam asked.

“That would be great.”


Since they had been on the run, Pam was the only friend Angela kept in her life. Pam was the sister she never had and she told her everything about herself except the saviours. Angela found it easy to talk to Pam; she told her everything especially now that things had been so dull in her marriage.


Although she loved the fact that Seth devoted all of himself to God but she felt lonely. Sometimes she hated herself for thinking this way, she felt jealous of the relationship Seth had with God and felt somehow replaced. She could not understand why that bothered her and since she could not bring herself to talk to Seth, Pam had been the second friend to her. Even with that, the thought of the saviours back in their life scared her most. After all they’ve been through, all she wanted was to have a normal life but she knew Seth would not back away from helping anyone. She feared for the days to come and longed for peace in their lives.


Chapter Three


Since Seth owned his own IT Company, he could choose to work from home anytime he wanted. After the whole visit in the morning, he had put himself into prayer to seek direction from the Lord. He knew he could not do anything without hearing from the Lord. It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon when he heard Josh come in.

“Hello Dad!” Josh greeted.

“Hey, Son!” Seth greeted from his study.

“Dad, there’s someone here to see you,” Josh came into the study “I found her at front door.” he said.

He felt a tight grip in his chest considering the visitor he had in the morning. “Who?” He asked.

“A Lady.” Josh answered, “She’s waiting in the living room.” Josh said, and went up to his room.


He got up quickly, and walked into the living room. To his surprise, he saw Bridget standing there.

“Oh my! Bridget.” Seth grinned with excitement.

“Hello Mr. Evans” Bridget hugged him.

“It’s been awhile, how are you?” Seth asked.

“Very well.” she answered, smiling.

“I thought you were in South Africa,” Seth was still surprised to see her. Since the incidence with Bridget, they had kept in touch. Bridget had been involved in various Christian mission programs and the last he heard from her was her transfer to South Africa working with some AIDS victims.

“Well, I had to come back,” Bridget said looking around. “Where’s Angela?”

“At work,” he answered, “Come, sit down, how have you been? What’s going on?”


She straightened and looked straight at him. “It’s time.”

“Time? What do you mean? He glared at her.

“The saviours are hunting and it won’t be long before they find out where you are.” she said.


Seth inhaled deeply. He had guessed her visit wasn’t a coincidence.


“Yes, I got a visit this morning from a guy named David; he said some of his crew who fled the saviours were missing, some even dead.” he said sadly.


She was startled. “David! How did he find you?”

“I don’t know, he said he used to be a finder.”

“We need to be ready, if this man could find you; I am so certain the saviours are not far behind.” Bridget said. “I had a dream about a great battle drawing near and I heard the Lord telling me to come home, to you.” Bridget said.

“Hmm, I am not surprised. Since the visit in the morning, I have been praying and studying the Word and the Lord spoke to me.” He stood up and went to pick a bible on the shelf.


“This is what the Lord said; ‘Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full Armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil” Seth read out.

“Ephesians 6, the Armour of God.” Bridget nodded.

“Yes, but the Lord further explained to me; that for us to be fully ready for this battle, we have to stand firm with the belt of truth buckled round our waist; we shall know the truth and it will set us free, the truth of the Word of God” he said excited as he continued.


“Then, the breastplate of righteousness which is a defence; our righteousness is not from the law but through faith in Christ. Also, our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace; taking up the shield of faith, which we can use to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one; then comes the helmet of Salvation and the sword of the Spirit, praying in the Spirit knowing well that this battle is spiritual and must be fought in God’s strength, depending on the word of God.” he paused and took a moment to catch his breath.


“I believe the Lord is with us, the battle is the Lord’s and the victory is ours.” Bridget said.

“We need to start praying, you know.”

“Yes, I agree, we have to be ready.” Bridget added.

“So, where would you be staying?”

“I already booked a reservation at the hotel.”

“Oh, but we have a spare room in the house, why don’t you stay here until we figure out what we are up against?” he offered.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Absolutely, Angela wouldn’t mind.” His smile turned tender.


Just then, the front door opened, Angela walked in.

“Hello honey!” Seth greeted Angela.

“Hello dear”, she answered. she saw Bridget, surprised to see her. “Bridget!” She went over to give her a hug.

“Hello Angela.” Bridget greeted.

“I thought you were in South Africa.” Angela said excited.

“Well, I was until I was told to come back home.” Bridget said.

“What! What happened?” Angela said in shock.

“Oh no, not them, the Lord spoke to me to come home. It’s about the saviours, they are back hunting.” she said looking over to Seth to explain.

Angela was taken aback in fear


“So the man in the morning was…..” .

“Telling the truth.” Seth finished her sentence.

“Oh God! Not again.” she felt the fear overwhelmed her.

“Honey, we have nothing to fear, God is in control.” Seth said while Angela just walked to the Kitchen.


“What is going on?” Angela looked straight at Seth who had followed her.

“Honey, we have to prepare ourselves, in fact, I told Bridget she could stay here until all this is over.” Seth said.

“You did what?” Angela shouted.

“Hush…” Seth said.

“Don’t hush me, you didn’t even ask me.” she raged at him.

“I thought……..” Seth tried to say.


“Why on earth would you tell the same woman, who tried to kill our son that she could stay in our house?” She shouted in anger

“What!” he gasped in disbelief. “You know better than this.”

“I don’t know any more, I cannot trust anyone Seth, I can’t; not now, not ever,” she shouted. “I am happy she found the Lord but that doesn’t mean I want her staying with us.”


“Why! For God’s sake Seth; the same people who hired her to kill our son many years ago are back hunting and you want her to stay here with us?” she shouted at him.

“So, what do you want me to do?” Seth asked angrily.

“I don’t care what you do Seth, you brought her in here so get her out.” she shouted and ran upstairs to her room.


Seth was stunned for a minute, taken aback at his wife’s reaction. After a few minutes to pull himself together, he went back to the living room.

“I am so sorry.” Bridget was already on her feet ready to leave.

“Oh, you heard?” Seth felt embarrassed. “I am so sorry you heard all that, you know…”

“It’s okay, I totally understand.” She went to get her bags. “I should probably leave now.”

“Alright then, let me get my keys to drop you at your hotel.” he offered.

“It’s okay, I would take a cab.” Bridget smiled to relieve him of the tension.





After Bridget had left, Seth went upstairs to Angela.

“What is wrong with you?” he asked angrily, slamming the door hard.

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Angela shouted back.

“You know Bridget very well and I don’t understand your behaviour.” he said to her.

“Why is it too difficult to understand that I am only protecting my son and it was you who brought all these to us, you started it.” she screamed at him.

“What!” he rattled.


“I can no longer do this, I can’t keep running, I can’t do this…; that guy in the morning found us, he knows where we are living…., and the saviours’ killing all over the town, I cannot do this again….  I want a normal life.” she was trembling all over.

“But that is what I am trying to do…”

“You brought this on us and now,” she looked up to him in rage. “you want to start all over again, you want to try to fight them.” she shouted at him.

Seth felt sick to his stomach, he didn’t believe Angela could ever accuse him of all these.


“You don’t care about us, all you want to do is go fighting some kind of battle,” Angela continued “Is this how we would continue to live our lives?” she cried out.

“What do you mean that I don’t care about my family? Of course I do; everything I am doing is for your safety, I have kept us safe all these years, you and Josh.” Seth said back.

“I don’t just want safety; rules to keep us safe, watching our backs each time we go out. I want to have a normal life, a normal family, a normal husband that will love and care for me, who will be there for me.” She said in tears.

“What are you saying?” Seth was confused.

“All you do is planning; spending more time with people in the name of helping them out. I want you here with me, by my side.” She shouted.


“You are the one who is busy, always has an excuse to come home late every night, you are the one with clients’ appointments and all sorts, nights-out with Pam. Every night is with Pam; Pam this, Pam that.” he shouted at her.

“You made that possible. Each time I am home, all you do is locked up in your study.” she shouted back.


Then, there was silence in the room. Angela swallowed hard, and bowed her head in dismay. She blinked back tears, looking off into the distance.


“I just want to spend some quiet time with my husband, without any thought of the saviours or some other demons. I want us to do things together as we used to, I want you to carry me along.” she cried out. “I have been enduring this for years on the run and I am tired of all this…”

Seth felt her pain and couldn’t believe he never realized how much she had been hurting.

“Honey…”Seth reached out his hands to her.

“Please don’t touch me, I can’t believe you never noticed any of these.” Her face showed the strain of hurt.

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t know…” Seth tried to say

“You know what? Just go back to your study.” she whimpered. “Just go and leave me alone.”


Seth knew better than to press on, he knew she was angry, so he reluctantly left the room to give her time to calm down. After about two hours downstairs, he decided to go back to the room to speak with her but she was already asleep.



Chapter Four



Seth got a call from David the next morning and had arranged to meet with the others. He decided to pick Bridget up from her hotel on his way. Almost an hour into the meeting when they had introduced themselves, Seth and Bridget went on to explain how the Lord could save them from all these, by giving their lives to God and taking on the whole Armour of God. There was uneasiness in the group.


“I don’t believe this.” Rick, one of the men there scoffed. “You mean to tell me that while the saviours are fighting with guns, ammunitions, magic and all sorts, we would be fighting with some words. C’mon guys, where on earth does that happen?” he mocked them


“Yea, there’s a rumour now that the saviours have acquired more power, how can we compete with that?” Pamela, another member shouted from her seat.


“I thought you have a way of protecting us, like a safe house or one of those solid witness protection programs.” David said.


“Yea, yea…” some of the members shouting. Everyone started to talk all at once, there was tension in the room.


Seth looked at Bridget and sought for a way out. He wanted them to know what he knew, the only way out of all these. He realized these people had been hiding for so many years, they have seen and know what the saviours were capable of. He needed them to hear him out, so he stood up on one of the tables and shouted out for them all to be quiet.


He finally got their attention. He inhaled deeply, and started. “Alright, listen guys, our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers; the saviours are fighting a spiritual battle and we have to be prepared too. We cannot do this on our own but by the power of God. You asked me to come here…, you wanted my help and I tell you, this is the way, the only way-


“I’m out then.” Rick stood up to leave. “I’m sorry, I cannot take this risk” he added while some others made such comments and followed him too.


“We need more, I cannot depend on someone I have never met to help me, I need much more than mere words.” Pamela said.



Bridget went over to them trying to stop them from leaving. “But this is the greater power, we believe by faith that God is real and His power is real too, I have told you my testimony; how he saved me from my sins, he took me in and washed me clean. He can do the same for you.” she pleaded with them. “I have seen His power at work every day, every minute, every second…. Look, think about the air you breathe in, you can’t see it yet you believe in it. God is real and He is here to save us, to expose the saviours and deliver anyone bound by them.”


“I’m sorry, I can’t take this chance.” Pamela said and walked out with the group.


With the meeting ending in such a disaster, Seth felt discouraged. He wanted so much to let them see the true way but no one could believe him.




Chapter Five



Angela tried several times to get Seth on the phone but she only got to his voice mail. Frustrated and angry, all she wanted was to hear his voice; she was unaware of the tears running down her face when Pam walked up to her.

“Angela, are you still crying?” Pam asked.

“Oh, sorry.” Angela wiped the tears away.

“Come dear,” Pam brought her to a tight embrace. “It’s okay honey, everything would be alright.” she whispered into her ears.

“I just wanted to tell him how I felt…” Angela sobbed.

“I know dear,” She gently patted her back.

“But why do I feel so guilty?”


“It’s not your fault dear, no of this is your fault.”


Angela whimpered. “I feel so alone.”

Pam gently rubbed her back. “I am here for you dear, I’m going to take good care of you.” she continued to pat her.


Angela rested her head on her shoulders. “He doesn’t get it.” she sobbed.

“They don’t always get it, that’s why we don’t stay with them,” Pam gentle stroke her hair. “That’s why we have to stick together, you know.”

Angela straightened, and wiped the tears away from her eyes.


Then, Pam held her hands and looked straight into her eyes. “Listen to me, you don’t ever let any man bring you down.”


Angela nodded.


“You have to be strong, can’t you see what he’s doing to you.” she locked her eyes with hers.


“I…..” Angela stammered.


“I love you so much, and I hate what he is doing to you. What they care about is their own feelings and nothing else. Men, husbands are such heartless people that you should never waste your time thinking about them, or loving them. They are pitiful, and good for nothing.


Angela felt her words were becoming harsh, so she took her face away, but Pam brought it back quickly, and held her cheeks into her hands.


“I love you so much Angela, and I hate to see you like this. I hate what he has done to you.” Her voice was barely a whisper but Angela heard her clearly. She could feel her breathe on her face. She had a strong feeling to pull away from her, but she didn’t.


“I love you Angela, and I will do everything to make you happy.” Just in a moment, Pam pressed her lips against her lips.


Angela was stunned, it took her a few seconds to come out of the shock. She stepped away from her, and then saw Seth standing at the door.


Seth had walked in on them. He stood there in disbelief staring at the ladies.


Angela was stunned. She wanted to say something but her mouth suddenly went dry.


Seth turned around and walked out of the office.


“Seth!” Angela ran after him but he was gone. So she turned back to confront Pam.

“What was that?” she let out a loud groan. “Why did you do that?” she shouted.

“What! I thought you wanted it.” Pam was gobsmacked.

“What? Why would I want that?” She pointed at her and back to herself,

“What about the signals, crying on the shoulders, talks, dinners, and all that time we did spent together?” She was wiggling her hands in the air.

“Whoa, are those signals? Can’t a woman have a normal relationship with a friend? A friend! What happened to having a woman friend?” She went to sit down, and then stood up again and started pacing around the room. She was disoriented.

“I thought you wanted me….., You had issues in your marriage, and you weren’t getting comfort from men but me.” She hit her hands against her chest. “I was the one there for you, every night, every day, every seconds of the day, I am here.”

Angela staggered “Are you serious?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It felt absurd.

“I took care of you where he felt. I made you feel safe, comfort-

“Stop it.” She felt irritated at her words. “Stop it, stop it!” she shouted again.


Pam was startled. She did never seen Angela like that.


There was silence for a few minutes. Pam went to sit down, shame caused her mouth to tremble.

“I’m sorry.” Pam said.


Angela couldn’t believe what just happened. She never thought of Pam as being a lesbian. She knew this was not over, they would definitely have to talk about this, but now, she had to get to Seth. She went to pick up her bag and walked out of the office.


She got to the parking lot and found Seth still there, he was standing by his car.


“I’m so sorry for what you saw, It’s not what you think”, she started to say. “I don’t know what happened there, one minute she was consoling me, the next minute, you know…” she was flustered. She was searching for the right words to explain this to him, but couldn’t find any.

“I know…” Seth said.

“I never knew she is a….” Angela was saying.

“It’s okay honey, I kind of heard the whole stuff you said after.” Seth said.

“You did?” Angela was relieved.

“I heard you calling me but when I turned back, I overheard all what you said.” he said.

“I am so sorry you had to see that.” Angela pleaded. “I never knew that about her.”


“It’s okay dear, I actually came here to take you out to lunch.” he smiled.

“Lunch!” Angela was surprised. It’s been a while they had spent time together.

“Yes, with you.” His smile turned tender. After the meeting with the saviour, he wanted to speak so much with his wife. But he knew he had to make things right with her first.

“See, honey, I am very sorry. I have been so busy in my own little world that I neglected the most important thing,” he said holding her hands. “You know I love you honey and I would never do anything to hurt you or my son, you both are my life.” he searched her face to see if she understood him.

“I am sorry for disrespecting you in our home, forgetting your needs and putting you through all these…, God knows I love you so much…” He looked softly into her eyes.


Angela felt relieved at his words.


“I’m very sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean it.” Angela said. “I should be proud of you, for how far you have come with your relationship with God, not feel jealous.”


“I love you honey and miss us.” She said.


“I love you too dear,” Seth said. “Why don’t we go to Lunch, then we can talk about everything.” Seth said with pleading eyes


“Oh no dear, I think I want to go home to make love with my husband now, and then we can talk.” she laughed.


“Oh, that I would do.” he smiled, opening the passenger’s door for her.


Their excitement and naughtiness filled the car as they both giggled all the way home. They couldn’t wait to get into each other’s arms. At least for the next few hours, they would forget about their worries and everything they’ve been through, and just to be close to each other. They both ran out of the car like little children, opened the front door and locked their lips together as they held each other. Just then, they noticed something was wrong, the whole furniture was not in place, tables and sofa were scattered everywhere.



“Oh God! What happened here?” Angela quivered.

Baffled and surprised, they both went through every room in the house and found all of their things scattered around.

“Oh God!” Angela cried out again. “They have been here.” she shivered.

“Josh!” Seth called out.

“He has football practice after school,” Angela said while Seth went to the phone to call his school. Just then, he saw the beeping light on the telephone.

“There’s a voice mail, It’s probably Josh.” Seth pressed the button.


“Hello Seth!” Seth and Angela gasped as they heard a familiar voice they dreaded. It was Patterson.


“It’s been a while and I’m sure you are thrilled to hear my voice as I am. I hope you aren’t looking for your son, Josh. He’s in safe hands.” he said and hung up.


Seth was in shock as he continued to stare at the phone.


“Oh my God!” Angela cried out. “He’s got my son!” She said panicking.


Just then Seth started to walk away.


“Where are you going?” she shouted in fear, following him.


“My computer….. I need my computer.” Seth said.


“Why on earth do you need your computer?”


“I installed a GPS on Josh’s wrist watch, He always has it on.” He said fumbling through his computer.


“What!” When?” Angela asked in shock.


“Some couple of months ago, I also installed one on your wedding ring; remember when I took it a while ago to do some work on it?” He said.


Angela starred at her ring. “You what!”


“Don’t bother, you can’t see it.” Seth said as he searched through his GPS locator on his computer.


“Why would you even do such a thing without telling me?” she was furious.


Seth was busy searching through the computer.


“This is one of the things I have been complaining about, you doing things without letting me know. You live in your own little world and shut me out.”


“Seriously Angela, right now.” He looked up quickly at her.


Angela saw the fear in his eyes.


There was a beeping light from the computer.


“Got it.” He said in relief.


“You see the green beeping light.” he pointed at it for Angela to see.


“That is where he is, it’s a two-hour drive.” he carried his laptop with him, and started to walk.


“Where are you going?


“To get our Son.” he answered.


“Shouldn’t we call the police?”


He stopped for a second and made eye contact. “We can’t trust anyone, the police, the government, no one.”


“Ok, so what should we do?”


“I want you to stay here.” He said to her.


“Oh no! I am going with you, He messed with the wrong mother by taking my son.” she shouted in a defensive tone and followed behind Seth.


Seth knew better than to argue so they both got into their car and followed the direction on the GPS locator.




Chapter Six


Seth and Angela drove along the road, the only sound in the car was the instruction from the GPS; Seth battled with fear and anger as he went on. He was angry at himself for bringing this on his family. Then, he became angry with God for not protecting his son. He felt helpless as tears began to flow down from his eyes; He couldn’t dare to look at his wife as he felt he had failed her too; what she feared most was happening. His heart sank in dismay.


Just then, Angela started to speak, but not in the tongues of men; she was speaking in tongues. She remembered the word of God in Romans 8:26, ‘In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words’. She started with one word, quietly, then, she went further with a sentence, then she began to speak more as the Spirit gave utterance.


Seth who was drenched in his tears joined her and began to speak in tongues, the words flowed well accordingly. Both in tears, they began to speak and sing in tongues. As they drove long, they felt the Spirit of God in the car, the whole tiny compartment was filled with the Power of God, they could feel His energy and they knew beyond all doubt that God was there with them. At some point, Seth couldn’t even hear the sound from the GPS, but he knew he was on the right direction. They could not fathom the joy and peace within them, the peace of God was indeed present.


As this continued, Seth felt he could hear the Lord speaking to him, then, he heard himself speaking those words out, “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the Stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fail. Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident”.






Chapter Seven



Josh had been on his way home when a black truck pulled behind him. Before he could assess the situation, he saw some men coming out of the van towards him and forcefully carried him into the truck and had driven off. He struggled but they over-powered him and after several seconds of screaming out, he realised that he wasn’t the only one in the truck. He saw some other men and women blindfolded and gagged in the mouth.


That was almost five hours ago when they had taken them all into the barn with in the middle of nowhere. They had no idea where they were; but as they were all thrown into the cage and locked in, fear griped them all. Everyone looked at each other since the blindfolds were lifted and they all panicked in fear. The cage was quiet small, a light flickered at the corner of the barn. It was difficult to see what was around them, but the terrible smell and cold air was frightening enough.


“Oh God! Bridget whispered to herself when she saw Josh.

“How did they find you?” She asked him.

Josh realized he had seen her in their house the other day.

“I was on my way home from school.” He said fearfully.

“Don’t be afraid Josh, Our God is with us.” she said to him.

“Remember every word your father and mother have taught you, every word you have read in the bible, this is the time to use them all, for God is on our side.” she assured him.

Josh nodded slowly, still trying to comprehend their situation.

“I met with your father this morning but shortly after he left, these men came. He said he was going to see your Mother.” she saw the fear on Josh’s face “But I’m sure they are okay.” she tried to assure him.


They both paused for a minute looking at everyone in their tiny cell; they saw they were nervous, fear and uncertainty all over them. Bridget braced herself and stepped out to talk to them.


“Listen, everyone,” she started. “Now is that time to decide what you want for yourselves. Our God is able to save us.”


“Then, why are you here?” She heard someone say to her.


“I do not know but I know beyond all doubt that God is able to save us all from this if we will ask him. Please, let’s give our fears to him.” Bridget said.


“You said the same thing this morning and see where we are now.” she heard another saying.


“Now, we are at the mercy of the saviours, I say we give in to them, beg them and ask for them to take us back.” he said.


“No, we will do no such thing!” Josh spoke out behind the crowd.


Josh realized what had happened. He remembered his father had told him several stories about the saviours. He felt his father had been preparing him for this day. Every prayer, teaching and instruction were meant for a day like this. He braced himself, and stepped out. “I am just a boy but I know the true way. My name is Josh Evans and nothing can separate me from my God. He delivered Daniel in the bible and He is able to save us all if we believe.” Josh said full of confidence.


“What can we do?” A woman asked. Her hands were trembling.


“We only need to believe that God is real and accept Jesus as our Lord and saviour.” Bridget said.


Suddenly, the door open and David and the council of elders walked in. Only then did they realize that it had all been a trap all along. David was still working with the saviours. He was still the finest finder and he did sought them out.


“Oh, very well!” Patterson applaud. “What do we have here?” He had the hint of arrogant in his voice. His face was taut when he saw Bridget “Hmm, the one that got away. I have been looking for you, and today, I have found you.”



Bridget swallowed hard. Although she knew she might one day come face to face with Patterson, the same man that gave her the special assignment ten years ago to murder the Evan’s son. She had always been so afraid of him even when she was a member; she felt the old fear creep him, but silently asked the Lord to strengthen her. Then she noticed the activities going on in the barn. They were all dressed in long dark robes with hoods covering their heads. They moved in line while some were lilting the candles on the table in the centre of the barn. Only then could Bridget and the others see the markings all over the barn, pentagram signs on the floor, and different kinds of animals’ skulls all over the place. The whole group shivered in fear when they saw all these.


The elders started to hum and chant as they moved in circles. Just then, flames of fire burst out in their midst all around the pentagram. The group trembled in fear as they watched. Bridget, seeing how scared the group had become, started quoting the scriptures.


“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” She said loudly for everyone to hear.

“He makes me to lie in green pastures; He leads me besides the still waters, he restores my soul, He leads me in the path of righteousness; For His name’s sake, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil-


“Enough!” Patterson roared out. “Shut her up!” he ordered David who unlocked the door and dragged Bridget out.


He grabbed her neck with one hand, and held a needle on the other hand. “You know, you should never have left”. He whispered into her ears. Then, he injected her with the needle. “That should keep you quiet.” Suddenly, Bridget slumped on the floor. He carried her and laid her down on the table where the elders just continued to hum and chant.






“Turn left at the end of the road.” The GPS announced. There was no more road to drive on. Seth looked around and realised they had to start walking.


“We should start walking.” Seth opened the door.

“They should be around here somewhere.” He took his flash light from the car.


They both started to walk, with a few minutes they saw a few cars hidden in the middle of the woods.


“I think they are here somewhere.” He whispered to Angela.


They continued to walk and in a distance they saw a barn in the middle of the thick woods.

“There.” Seth pointed to Angela.


“Yes, I can see it.” Angela whispered. They walked carefully through the bushes and found a small window behind the barn. They saw the elders humming and chanting. They saw what looked like a cage but couldn’t see the people in it. Then they saw David standing by the cage, then they understood that he was a spy, he had led the saviours to them.


Suddenly, one of the elders started sprinkling incense on someone lying on the table, and then they heard Josh’s voice.


“Leave her alone you.” He shouted at them.


“Leave her alone…” He shouted again seeing one of them walk towards Bridget with a knife in his hands.


“Will you shut him up?” Patterson raged at David.



Josh stood in confidence and spoke out. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”


“I said shut him up!” another elder barked at David who was struggling to unlock the cage but to no avail.


“I will say of the Lord, He’s my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Josh continued to say.


“Shut him up!” Patterson shouted again.


“I’m trying, the gate wouldn’t open.” David said struggling to open it.


“Surely he will save me from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.” he continued to say.


“Shut him up or I will.” Patterson raged.


Suddenly, the door was kicked open. Seth and Angela walked in.


“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” Seth shouted.


Everyone turned to look at the two who just broke in.


“Seth!” Patterson was surprised.


“Patterson.” Seth murmured. “Why do you insist on evil?” Seth said to him. “All of you.” he said looking at the council.


“You defied us.” One of the elders roared out.


“And no one goes free.” Another said.


“My freedom isn’t in your hands; it is with the Lord and whoever the Lord sets free is free indeed.” Seth said.


“Open the gate.” Patterson shouted at David. “Get me his son.” he raged at him.


“Can’t you see,” Seth said to them. “There are Angels standing by the gate, your boy can’t get in.” Seth said to them. “You have been overcome by your evil and greed. This day, the Lord is set to put you to shame.” Seth said to him.


“Look around you.” Patterson said. “In this place, we are lords and kings. We owned this place, this is our sanctuary and your God cannot rule here.” Patterson said.


“You are mistaken; the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Seth said.



Just then, the council began chanting and reciting some words, Seth could feel a dark power in the barn, yet he was overwhelmed with the Power of God, so he held his wife’s hands and started speaking the words of God; as their chanting became louder, they also spoke louder.


“Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.” they said aloud.


With the council chanting louder, they saw smoke rising within them.


Josh was still locked up in the cage with the remainder of the group standing behind him.


“Lift up your heads, O ye gates and be lifted up, you ancient doors that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.” Josh said in the most authoritative voice. Then, the ground started to shake and the gates were uprooted from the floor and fell to the ground.


The council were brought to silence as they saw the gates fall to the ground, the group who were with Josh watched in amazement at this occurrence and followed behind Josh as he went over to his parents.


The council held hands together and began to chant. Seth saw this, held hands with his wife and son and there, they knew what they should do. In one accord, they started,


“And God exalted Him to the highest place and gave him a Name that is above every name that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”


Just at the mention of the name of Jesus, the whole place shook vigorously. While the council elders were struggling to stand; Seth and the whole group were firm on the ground, more like, they were not affected. The council kept on struggling to stand and then, what seemed like an explosion burst out in their midst bringing every member to the floor.


There was total silence after this explosion, Seth and the group stood firm on the ground and Bridget who was still lying unconscious was not even affected by the explosion. After the smoke had cleared out from the barn, then, they saw the whole picture; the saviours were all on the ground, motionless, dead.


Seth hugged his family tightly with joy.


“It’s over….” Angela cried out in joy. “It’s all over, thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus…” She kept saying as she held her family. The group were in tears, marvelled at the whole scene; their heart filled with thanks.  Seth went over to where Bridget was laid; it looked like she was fast asleep.


“She would be fine.” Seth said to the group, asking them to carry her.


“We should all leave.” He said to them.


As they walked through the bushes, they felt joy and victory like never before, ‘If the Lord be for us, who can be against us”. Indeed, the Lord had fought for them; He had given them victory and set the bound free. He is the Mighty Warrior and the Consuming fire, yet, He is our Father. They proclaimed.




It has been over a year since this incidence happened. Government officials could not find any explanations to the death of the council; all they found were evidences of rituals but had no idea what caused the explosion and so labelled the case ‘Unsolved’. They realized the unsolved murder cases were carried out by the saviours and after several investigations; they were able to discover their headquarters and brought a number of them to justices while some are son the run.


The whole group dedicated their lives to God, and went to live their lives as normal as possible but with Power of God in them. They never stayed the same as they knew beyond all doubts that indeed, there is a God and He is their true Saviour.


Bridget went back to South Africa to continue her mission work and remained closed to the Evans. Angela resolved her issues with her and they became best of friends by emails, phone calls and letters.


Seth and Angela have remained closer than ever, serving God. Also, not forgetting their love for each other, which has grown continually each day. They have learnt that nothing can separate them from the love of God and from the love they have for each other. They started a mission to preach against occultism and to help members come to the knowledge of God.


Josh experienced something beyond words could say and at his age, a overwhelming encounter with the Lord; he developed a closer relationship with God and remained steadfast in him.


Our God is the Mighty Man in battle.



To my Readers.


Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed the concluding part of the escape. Please leave your comments below. God Bless.



Written by Abimbola CirclesOfLove



© Circlesoflove 2013


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