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A few days ago, I wrote about ‘Go and Occupy’. The article talked about how the Lord promised to give us the land, and He asked us to take possession of it. Is it a new job you desired, or a promotion, something you have waited long for? He’s promised to give us our heart desires. However, sometimes in life, we know what we want, but are not sure if we will succeed in it. We doubt our abilities, we doubt if we are well suited for that job or position in life. We are afraid of failing.

I remembered some years ago when I got a temporary job at a law firm as a legal secretary. I was still in school but was desperate for that job. I wanted the experience and a foot in the industry.

I had thought there would be a training of some sort, but to my disappointment, the first day I walked into the office that day, I was immediately expected to start work as an experienced legal secretary. I was shocked and afraid that had to pretend I knew what I was doing. It was very frustrating in the first few days as I kept making mistakes, and became so scared to even do anything. I started to doubt my abilities because of the past mistakes. When asked to reply to letters or some sort, I was afraid of failing even before I started. I felt I didn’t have the right stuff for that job, and I lacked the confident to do it.

Do you feel this way sometimes? You feel you don’t have the right stuff in you. You are terrified of your job or even a project. Maybe you’ve had some setbacks in the past, and now afraid of making the same mistakes. You have begun to doubt your ability to succeed in that field of work. You doubt if you will complete that project or even graduate from that course.

In life, we go through stages of experiences: we meet new people, go new places, new steps in career, a new job, marriage, or even parenting, and in each of these phases, we are sometimes terrified of the challenges we face. We doubt if we have the right stuff in us to achieve the set goal. We see others succeeding and often wonder how they do it. Even after you have attained the necessary training, and education required of you, you still doubt your ability to do what’s expected.

Now, let’s take a look at what the Lord said to us many years ago in the book of Jeremiah 1: 5, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart’. Did you get that? Before you were even conceived, he knew who you are and what you would become. He knew the challenges you would face, and the strength you needed to succeed. He knew what you were made of because He put you here. So, therefore, whatever strength, resources, wisdom, and ideas you need to succeed is right there in you. You have the right stuff in you.


Now you say, ‘well I don’t see it; I don’t think I have the right stuff in me’. Then maybe it’s about time you tapped into it. If you need wisdom, ask the Lord who created you. He is the God who can do uncommon favours, and you need to tap into it. If you need to attain some sort of training in that job or education, go ahead and do it because you have the strength to go through it.

Remember Gideon in the bible. His clan and family were hiding in caves for many years. They were being oppressed by the Midianites for so long that they doubt they would ever get free. It was so bad that they had to grow their food in secret. Then, see what happened in the book of Judges, ‘When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, ‘The Lord is with you, mighty warrior’. Did you read that? He addressed him as a mighty warrior. This was the same man whose families and clan were been oppressed by the Midianites. Why would the Lord address him as a mighty warrior? Because He, the Lord created him, He knew he had the right stuff inside of him. He made him to be a mighty warrior. He made him perfect, good and complete.

When God wants to set you off to high places, He has already put all that you need to succeed right inside of you.

So you see Folks, you have the right stuff inside of you,  even if you just don’t realise it. God did create you perfectly for this world. You need to see yourself the way God sees you. When I say perfect, I do not mean your own definition of perfection. I meant God’s perfection. You were made with a purpose, uniquely suited for this world and anything you ever wish to accomplish. God created Gideon to be a mighty warrior but he never tapped into that part of his life. He didn’t realise he had the right stuff right inside of him. In fact, his clan was the weakest in the land, and he was the least in his family. But you see, that didn’t disqualify him from being a mighty warrior. God made him succeed. This has nothing to do with the family he came from or the school he went to, or the posh school in didn’t go to, or the level of education he has.


Remember David. Even his brothers thought he was not qualified to fight against goliath but God didn’t. God made him perfect for that job. He may not be perfect in size, stature, experience or even in the eyes of the world. God had made him perfect before he was even conceived. His own father too never considered him to be qualified for the kingship position, but God did. Now see, it doesn’t matter what people think of you; what matters is what the Most High thinks about you, and my oh my, He thinks so highly of you.


Do you doubt your abilities? Do you doubt if you have the right stuff inside of you? Today, you need to go back to your source to know what you are made of. The great resources the Lord has equipped you with. You need to go back to God and hear His voice. Listen to the steps he wants you to take, hear his leading and you will see the wonders He wants to do in your life. Remember, our God does not discriminate on age, race, disability, colour, family line, whether rich or poor, educated or not. He is God, and no one can question him. Whatever you need to succeed is in you, the strength and will are right in you. You have the RIGHT STUFF, you have God.

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  • Toyin Bamgbelu

    This is very true! A lot of people today, has lost confidence in themselves because of their past failures or negative words spoken into their lives. Some don’t even believe they can amount into anything in life because of their background or situation they are going through. Truly, we need to see ourselves from the way God sees us. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, peculiar person…1 Peter 2:9.

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